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I bit the proverbial bullet and bought a pair of killer boots. I've been wanting to buy a pair of "rocker" boots for a while, and I saw a piece about Allens Boots on the news the other night and decided it was time to pull the trigger. So I moseyed my way on down to Congress Avenue and visited the store. They literally have thousands and thousands of pairs of boots there - it's quite impressive.

I quickly made friends with Luis, who it turns out has friends and family that live in Rogers, AR. Crazy. Luis worked patiently with me while I tried on dozens and dozens of pairs of boots. I really liked a pair of Sendra boots, but unfortunately they didn't have them in my size... and Sendra is a small company from Spain that hand makes small batches of boots, so the likelihood of getting a pair was looking slim.

I eventually found another pair of Sendras that I really liked - and you're seeing them here.


They're actually quite comfortable - I wore them all day today and really like them. I wish the toes weren't quite so pointy, but I think I'll get used to them. My "dream" boots would have squared toes, and look pretty much similar to these. The boots here are python and leather - pretty rad... :-)

I also rode today (45 miles), ran (5 miles), and had some awesome shrimp for dinner. Bought jumbo (16-21 count) shrimp from Central Market, added in some baby red potatoes and an ear of corn (cut in half), and boiled it for a good 20 minutes or so. Sprinkled on some Old Bay seasoning, squeezed on some lime, and enjoyed it with a glass (or three) of white wine, and wow - amazing.

Hope everyone is doing well - I'll be in touch soon!


I could be scathingly critical here but I too had a pair of boots back in the day when they were a fashion item in So Cal (for some odd reason). Besides, they probably look better on the new and improved Skinny Steve than the Retro Steve, Culvers Edition.

On a related note, I read that VW is working on a new pickup truck. I'm sure it'll be available with TDI.....


No boot-wearing, Truck-driving XXL Bret

Nice Boots. Even better is the driver education piece. Very creative and funny stuff. Can't agree more.

Hope you are well.

P.S. - I am in Corpus this week. Water is nice, but we are in downtown and besides the college coeds that are here it would kind of suck as a vacation spot.


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