Tengo caliente

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So it's a little warmer down here than I thought...


That's what the 'ole temp-o-meter showed while on my way back from an afternoon swim. Good thing it's also super sunny - that just makes it feel all the more incredibly hot. :-)

I've been swimming in the outdoor lap pool lately and I much prefer it to the indoor pool. The outdoor pool is a bit longer, the lanes are wider, and for some odd reason, it's not as busy as the indoor lap pool. I still sink more than I swim, so I'm looking into taking a few "stroke lessons" from masters coaches around here. If I could get my roll and breathing down, I probably wouldn't hate swimming so much. Turns out that one of our sponsored athletes (we sponsor about 35 athletes from various arenas) is also a masters swim coach, so I may hit her up for a few lessons.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom, and hope everyone has a good weekend.

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