Yah-dair, so, whatdya' know dair?

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Greetings, friends! Just checking in to give you a brief update on how things have been going now that I'm a "northerner" again.

The new job is going really well - I've jumped in with both feet and have two projects underway: an Exchange 2007 upgrade and a Remote Access Optimization project. Unfortunately, both start and finish around the same time, so that means I've got to really hit the ground running, as there's no time to waste.

Perhaps the greatest thing about the new job is that I actually have time for a life once again. I do have to wake up incredibly early every day - I'm staying with my folks and have a 1.5 hour commute each way every day. So, I wake up around 5:00am, run for 45-50 minutes, take a shower, and then drive to work in time to be there by 8:00am. We get an hour or so for lunch each day, and then we finish at around 5:00pm or "whenever your work is finished." Some people leave around 3pm, others around 4pm, and most folks around 4:30-ish. Since I'm new and I've got two major projects rocking, I stay until at least 5:00pm.

I've had an opportunity to enjoy some fish fry... ;-) Loyalists of the blog know how much I enjoy a good fish fry, so last Friday I went to the Esquire Supper Club for some ocean perch. Wow - it was delicious!


After eating far too many plates of fish, I hit the restroom and learned a valuable lesson - never post your business card in the restroom of a bar. Why? Here's why:


Not exactly "good advertising" for that poor guy.

Speaking of fish fry and favorite foods, one of my other favorite foods is cheese curds and a few of us went out after work the other night to grab some dinner together. We decided on The Great Dane, where I stuffed my gut with jambalaya, bacon pasta pizza, and cheese curds. The only photo that really turned out was the cheese curds picture:


Look at those little nuggets of deep-fried dairy greatness. Yum. Unfortunately, I'll have to lay off of them for a bit; I discovered I've gained 5-lbs over the past 2 weeks! Eeeek! I'm not sure if it's water weight, but there's no denying I'm a bit heavier than I'd like to be. So, I'll have to cut out the cheese curds, the pizza, and the cookies for a while. Booo. Although, I deserve it - I've been on a terror lately... donuts from Greenbush, drinks at Capital Brewery, Culvers, and so on. Just proves that my metabolism hates me.

Finally, I ran a 10K race today. It was HOT.


The race was supposed to start at 8:00am, which seemed late to me - most races start at 7:00am or earlier. But, the race was delayed due to road construction in the area... not the best idea to delay a 10K race when it's scheduled to hit 100F. Not to mention a bunch of people plan their nutrition and hydration around the scheduled start time... thankfully I'm a hack runner, so I just show up and plod my way through the course so the later start time didn't bother me too much.

I finished the race in 51:00 minutes. Averaged about an 8-minute mile - the course was slightly longer than 10K. It was getting pretty toasty near the end. Here I am after the race - I grabbed a volunteer and asked them to snap a picture.


So, that's about it. I'll try better to update the blog on a regular basis, but the next few weeks or so will be busy, so I can't promise much. Between trying to ride my bike after work and catching up with people that I haven't seen in 10 years, the nights are fairly busy.

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