Today's Agenda: Fair to Curdy

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With the chance of riding my bike slim to none, I slept in a bit (until around 8:00-ish) and then hit the road for a long run. After wracking-up a little more than 8 miles (I ran for about an hour), the bike was loaded into the car and I made my way down to the bike store to see what they'd have to say about the crack that I discovered in my bottom bracket last night.

Thankfully the shop is open seven days a week; I showed the crack to one of the mechanics on duty. He looked at it for a while, threw out a few ideas, and ultimately said the shop would have to show the damage to Cervelo. So, I'm bikeless. Ugh. During the best part of the summer, the best time to ride, and about a month before I hoped to do another triathlon. Yay me.

With the bike dropped off and my heart broken, it was down to New Glarus to check out the brand new facilities at the New Glarus Brewing Company. Apparently the beer business is good for the fine folks in New Glarus; they just opened a $20-million dollar facility a month ago, and it is quite amazing.


That's just a small section of it... I've yet to take a tour of the New Glarus Brewery; that record didn't change today. There was a huge group of Harley riders that arrived just seconds earlier, so once again, it was a quick spin through the gift shop and then back to the road.

Why the rush? Well, you all remember Jed - one of my friends from "the good 'ole days." Jed is a fellow cheese curd aficionado, and if there's one thing that he's been adamant about it's how great the curds from the Monroe Cheese Days are. He swears they can't be beat, but unfortunately for me, Cheese Days only take place once every two years. Turns out the Green County Fair was taking place this weekend, and Monroe happens to be in Green County...

Paid the entry fee and sought out the cheese curd booth. Within minutes, there was a small container of curds and some New Glarus Naked sitting in front of me:


The curds were.... good - really good. They tasted a lot like a grilled cheese sandwhich, which was a bit of a shock. They had a buttery flavor to them, the batter was fairly thick and crunchy, and they weren't really too greasy. Very good curds.

With the belly full of cheesy goodness, it was time to stroll the fair. Here are a few highlights:





Hung around the fair for a bit longer, then went back to Madison. Enjoyed an old familiar feast for dinner:


Pizza Pit! So greasy. So bad for you. But so good. Not to worry, I'll work it off this week... and I vow to eat better all week.

With any luck, I'll hear from the bike shop by Tuesday or Wednesday. Until then...

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