500 miles later.

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I purchased some new shoes earlier this year (January) from Endurance House in Middleton, and I really enjoyed them. The shoes were Saucony Hurricane X shoes and were my first "real" running shoe. I'm a bit of a "over-pronater," which means my foot wants to roll side-to-side as I run, and it means that I should use a shoe that's designed to provide additional stability to help keep my foot from rolling side-to-side.

I logged 500 miles on the shoes, according to my Garmin GPS watch. I believe that number is low, as I can think of at least 6-7 runs where I didn't use my watch, so I'm guessing it's probably closer to 600 miles. Shoes have a lifespan of about 350-450 miles.

Here are my well-worn Saucony shoes:


So I stopped by Endurance House today to replace my Sauconys. I walked in fully expecting to buy another pair of the Saucony Hurricanes, but in talking with one of the folks there, we decided to take another look at my stride. Turns out my pronation is improving - my mileage is up considerably from January, and I've been focusing on trying to run more "smooth."

They suggested I try a shoe from Finland, from a company called Karhu. I laced them up, hit the treadmill and gave them a shot. Pretty comfy. More padding than the Sauconys, and they felt lighter and a bit more "reactive." Doing a side-by-side comparison with a Saucony on one foot and a Karhu on the other, the difference was obvious - the Karhu "rolls" through the footstrike; the Saucony sort of "flops."

I took them for a quick 1/2-mile run around the block, and liked them. I had a bit of an odd feeling on the top of my foot, but a change of the laces fixed it. So, I bought the Karhus. I'm excited to try them tomorrow - I'm averaging around 7.8-miles on my morning runs, so I'll have a good opportunity to test them out tomorrow.

Here they are - not the prettiest things, but when it comes to shoes, I'll take function over form any day. :-)


Here's to another fun-filled 500+ miles! (For comparison, I've logged just over 1900 miles on my bike this year)

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