Guess I'm Official, Part II

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So, I guess I'm officially a Wisconsin resident once again. I went to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and got my official Wisconsin driver's license.

$42?????!!!! Holy cats.


So interestingly enough, it turns out that I simply had to "renew" my driver's license; I guess that if you return to WI in 15 years or less, you don't get a new license - you simply renew your previous license. So, the process was painless... And, I got to keep my old driver's license number, which I know by heart - don't ask me why - I just do...

I went to the DMV office near my apartment and was literally in-and-out in less than 15 minutes. That's amazing!


It helped that the place was virtually empty; but this particular location had an ingenious system for getting people served quickly... you walk in and tell the receptionist why you're there. The receptionist assigns you a number. You then complete your paperwork at "Station #2," and from there, you wait for them to call your number. They (the DMV) had about 10 stations open, which was nice, and made for extremely fast service.

I got to the window, gave them my info, paid my $42, and was done. No problemo.

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