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Pop-quiz for you driving experts...

Q: In the picture below, assuming that the road as illustrated is a controlled access interstate highway, which vehicle should yield right of way (slow down, speed up, etc)?



  1. Vehicle "A" should yield by slowing down or speeding up to "make room" for Vehicle "B"

  2. Vehicle "B" should yield by slowing down and waiting for an appropriate and safe opportunity to enter mainstream traffic.

Take a second to think about this....

The answer is: Vehicle "B" should yield. Why? Vehicle B is attempting to access a controlled-access highway, and must therefore yield to existing traffic. The same holds true of any traffic that would normally interrupt or impede the normal flow of any mainstream traffic.

However, if you're from Wisconsin, apparently the person on the ramp should automatically have the right-of-way, and all other traffic should yield to the ramp traffic. Silly me, I should've known better - I was shocked to discover this "unwritten rule" while driving to the Packers game on Saturday...

The highway was packed with traffic, and I was "coached" by my passengers that it was my responsibility to make room for any traffic that was trying to merge its way onto our crowded highway. Hmm. I guess you learn something new every day.

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