Fish Fry, Found Dog - Happy New Year!

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Hey! Hope everyone is doing well! It's been a busy few weeks - sorry for the late update.

Stopped by the Oakcrest Tavern for their fish fry last week, and... well, it wasn't anything great. We tried the deep fried cod along with the baked cod, and both were terribly underwhelming. The service was spotty at best as well, and the fish was entirely forgettable. Normally, we're fans of the Oakcrest, but when it comes to fish fry, look elsewhere. Here's a picture of the deep-fried cod:


And the baked tilapia - seriously, who has tilapia as their baked fish in a Wisconsin fish fry????


The fries were spectacular, but aside from that, the Oakcrest fails when it comes to fish fry. Their burgers are great, their fries are awesome, but the fish fry = suck. Skip it. Definitely not worth the money... I think we spent close to $45 for two fish fries. EEEEK!

Christmas eve was uneventful - had some food at the MidTown Pub and then picked-up a cookie from Sentry:


In other news, I found a blind Beagle this evening, and I absolutely fell in love with her. She was just wandering around on the road when I stumbled upon her. I honked and immediately noticed she didn't have any eyes. I almost started to cry instantly... but I called her toward the car, and she jumped right in.

I took her to the house where she quickly made friends with everyone. Here's her and Regis:


I called the police to report that I found her, and was going to meet an officer at the animal shelter, but she got along with everyone so well that I took my time in calling back. Here she is sitting on one of the dog beds:


Part of me wished her owners would never call, but they did... they called the police and the police called me to see if I could meet the owner and transfer the dog. Turns out her name was Maggie, she was 10 years old, and she got ocular cancer at the age of four and has been blind ever since. :-( She was sooooo sweet!!

Well, I guess that's about it... I'm just chillin' at the house, watching the Family Guy Empire Strikes Back parody DVD and enjoying some Miller Lites and cookies. :-)

I've been running a ton lately - averaging about 11 miles per day. Hope you all have a great New Year's.

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