Oh the weather outside is frightful...

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... and the fireplace is anything but delightful... (the apartment has a fireplace, but it's not in use)

So, for those who may not have heard, Madison (and most of Wisconsin) got socked with a true blizzard last night! The weather-guessers are reporting that we've had 16-inches of snow so far, with another pile due to arrive today.

Here's what it looked like from the living room this morning at around 8:00am.


Nearly everything is closed, which is quite unusual as Wisconsin can usually deal with a lot of snow. Even the Metro Bus was delayed; malls are closed, as are all of the schools. But my workplace is open, and since I live about 3 miles from the office, I decided to venture in.

Finished my bike ride (on the trainer, in the living room - I'm not quite that crazy to ride outside), and then laced up my new winter boots. Bought these a few months ago - people laughed, but who's smiling now? My feet are nice and warm, and dry, even after trudging through a solid foot-plus of snow. :-)


Thank goodness for underground parking! The car was clean, dry, and toasty warm - they keep the garage at 65F, so there was no dealing with any scraping or "digging out." Did have a tough time getting up the hill that leads you out from under the building; it was pretty icy. These poor folks didn't fare as well:


The most treacherous part of the commute was the apartment's parking lot - seriously! The roads weren't too bad, but they were pretty empty. This is University Avenue, which on any other day would be packed with cars. Today it was packed with snow and not much else:


Normally, dealing with a lot of snow isn't too much of a challenge, but what's going to make this storm interesting is that they're calling for gusty winds that'll start this afternoon - gusts up to 50mph, with steady wind speeds of around 30-35mph. Blowing snow = large drifts, and the drifts can create a real headache.

It's been a little breezy today - here's what the stoplight near my office looked like as a result of "light" winds.


Combine all of that snow with gusty winds and falling temperatures, and you've got a recipe for an unpleasant environment. It's currently about 30F outside, which isn't too bad, but the temps are dropping. They're saying it'll be a low of around zero tonight, and tomorrow's high temperature is supposed to be 8F. Yep, that's EIGHT. 8F with super windy conditions, and the windchill should hit about -20F.

I may have to run on the treadmill tomorrow. :-(

Anyway, I made it in to the office - here's our parking lot:


I have to laugh - I just overheard someone who came in from outside say, "It's not too bad out there, I've seen worse." Gotta' love it.

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