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Friday flew up faster than anticipated leaving us without much time to plan for Friday's fish feast. The weather was brisk, but decent, so we decided to venture to the east side of Madison and sample one of the local pub offerings. Dexter's fit the bill, so we meandered into the smallish establishment at around 7:30pm, found the bar, and put in a request for a table.

As we waited in the brightly-lit and paneled bar, my dining partners ordered some Old Fashioneds. I'm pleased to report that Dexter's gets bonus points for building a proper Old Fashioned - they muddled the cherries, used a nice amount of bitters, and finished things off with Squirt. The only foul on their part was including an orange, but that was easily removed. Round two of Old Fashioneds apparently didn't include an orange, so all was good once again.

After nearly an hour's wait (the place was packed), we were directed to our table, where a waiter presented us with an incredibly impressive beer menu that featured approximately 20 specialty microbrews, and a set of food menus. I knew what to go with for dinner, but the beer offerings were a bit more challenging... I eventually opted for a Miller Lite... nothing too exciting.

We ordered curds to start things off, along with soups and salads. The soups and salads arrived immediately and were excellent - I had a garden vegetable soup; Phil had a chili; Mark and Shaun (Phil's wife) had salads.

And then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. An hour went by, and we hadn't seen our waiter or our curds. We flagged down a waitress and inquired about our order; she came back a few minutes later and apologized - our order had been lost, but the curds would be right out. Sure enough, they arrived within a few minutes, and despite looking a little odd, were quite scrumptious.


I believe these were hand-made curds, but it's hard to say for certain. They were absolutely delicious and featured a light breading and white cheese. No signs of grease, and they weren't over cooked, so the curds scored big points.

Our fish arrived a few minutes later - I went with cod; others chose lake perch and shrimp. All were excellent - easily top 7-8 fish offerings. Here's the cod with waffle fries:


While it may not appear to be, the fish portions were perfect. Those cod fillets were thick and meaty; the beer batter was perfect (from flavor to form), and it was served steaming hot. Top-notch fish, for sure.

And, Dexter's made good on their mistake; they comped our drinks and appetizers, so the meal cost about $40. Not bad by any means - we'll definitely be back.

Saturday arrived and the weather was nice, so I rode the trainer for 2.5 hours and then took a 1.5 hour run. It felt to good to get out and run in the 40-degree air. Unfortunately, the nice weather won't stick around for long... they're calling for falling temperatures this week...sigh. Hope all is well with everyone out there.

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