Fish Fry at the VFW Post 8483

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Mother nature dealt us a healthy serving of snow over the past few days - the temperatures dropped to single digits (and around 0 or below at night), and we received a good 6-8 inches of snow. Things weren't looking good for an adventurous fish fry, so we decided to stay local.

After pondering several choices, from golf courses to old favorites, we decided to try the VFW Post 8483, which is located near the airport in Madison. Rumor had it that their fish fry was good and reasonably priced. It was worth a shot.


The place looked more like a bunker - it's sunk into a hillside, is constructed completely of cement block, and didn't appear to have a single window. Inside, things weren't much more "inviting..."


But, when a deep-fried cod plate with sides, bread, and coffee runs a total of $8.50, I'm more than willing to sacrifice a little ambiance.

The VFW has an interesting ordering process, in that upon entry to the VFW, you're greeted by an older gentleman who shows you a "chart" of fish options. They had cod, haddock, and shrimp, all of it served deep-fried. You tell him which fish you'd like, and he gives you a card that indicates your fish choice. You then carry that card to your table, where the waitress takes the card along with your potato choice.

Beer is served at the bar and costs $1.75 for a 16oz tap.

Our waitress arrived, took our potato order, grabbed the cards, and was off to the kitchen. She returned with a small bowl of bread and coleslaw. And soon after, she returned with the fish.


We went with the cod, and it was simply delicious. The perfectly applied breading was lightly spiced and cooked to perfection - no grease anywhere. The fish itself was fantastic as well - light, flaky, moist, and delicious. Easily top 10 fish - after wolfing it down, we figured the fish ranks #8 on our list; just behind the Esquire Club and just ahead of Jordan's Big 10 Pub.

The sides, the service, and the ambiance all left a little room for improvement, but the fish was absolutely solid, and would warrant a return trip by itself. All in all, a good fish fry experience, even if it was a bit out of the ordinary for us. :-)

After filling our guts with the tasty fish, we stopped by Phil's house (a coworker) for some great conversation along with a beverage or two. We really enjoyed hanging out with Phil - he's got a great family (his wife and three daughters were all super fun and interesting to chat with) along with two of the cutest dogs (Fiddle and Badger). Thanks for having us over Phil - we had a great time!!

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