Holy Smokes!

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Took up smoking over the past couple of days, and so far so good. Yeah, sure, you cough a lot and your hair and clothes stink as a result of it, but it's a pretty enjoyable way to spend your free time.

Oh - what? Wait - you didn't think I meant that kind of smoking did you? No sir, I'm talking about BBQ smoking - pork butts, turkey, hickory wood, and the like. Hee hee!


There she is, a Brinkman electric smoker. Nothing fancy - it doesn't even have a temperature control, so it's a bit nerve wracking at times. Fired it up for the first time yesterday, threw on a 6-lb Boston Butt (aka "pork shoulder") that had been generously and lovingly rubbed with a variety of seasonings, and filled it with apple and hickory wood chips. Figured it would take about 8-9 hours to smoke.

Whoops - we may have made a slight miscalculation, Houston. It wasn't until this morning that the pork found its way out of the smoker... apparently when it's 10F outside, these lesser-model smokers don't keep up so well. So, after nearly 24 hours of sitting in the smoker, my hope is that the effort was worth it! We'll find out soon enough - the roast is resting right now, and with any luck there'll be a pork sandwich in my belly by lunch time.

In other news, I decided to try taking the bus to work, and I found out that I really like it! There's a bus stop within 100 yards of the apartment, and as luck would have it, that particular stop offers a nearly direct route to my workplace. Here I am, sitting on the bus, riding to work:


This particular route gets me to the office in exactly nine (9) minutes! That's incredible! I may purchase a monthly bus pass and leave the car at the apartment from now on. I never knew the bus could be so easy and efficient. Live and learn, I guess!!

Finally, it looks like we got another little dose of snow last night - about 5 inches or so... just enough to make a mess of the sidewalks and roads. So, I rode the trainer this morning for an hour or so and will probably skip the run today. I did manage to put on 66 miles of running last week, so it's probably best to take a day off.

Look for a fish fry update after the weekend.

Update: The wait was well worth it. This is some tasty grub:


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