Ahhhh - that feels better.

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I finally worked up the ability to go back to the office today, and I must say that it was awesome. Not being tethered to the couch was absolutely wonderful - I walked around carefully, gingerly got in and out of my chair, and made sure I didn't try to zoom around too much. And it felt great. I got a little tired near the end of the day, but I think I'll sleep well tonight and should feel much better by tomorrow. If I had to wager a guess, I'd say I'm at about 65% right now; with any luck I'll be 85-90% tomorrow, and with "supreme" luck, I'll be going out for a light run on Sunday.

Oh, and about the workplace... Just before I left for the surgery, they (building maintenance) relocated our cubes to a different part of our floor. My group was merged with another group, and it was determined that we'd relocate so that we could sit near our new team members. No biggie at all - we got a new layout (one that's more conducive to collaboration), and I really like the new diggs.

Unfortunately, the only drawback is that my cube is now situated under two air conditioning vents, and as such, the temperature in my new location is about 6-8 degrees colder than the old location was... so, I freeze while sitting at my desk. Not good.

My coworkers, tired of hearing me complain about how cold it is, came up with a solution:


The Snuggie. As unmanly as it looks, it's actually quite nice. I wore it almost all day - took some flak for it, but it was worth it. Kept me nice and toasty while allowing me to work without any inconvenience. I'm not certain if I'd pay $19.95 for one, but it is pretty excellent, so who knows?

Now, if I could only talk our HR and marketing departments into: making it part of the dress code, and issuing a Snuggie with the company logo, we'd be in business. :-)

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