Definitely at 90-95% - thank goodness!

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I woke-up this morning (well, I should say - the cat woke me up my stepping on my neck and face while meowing and licking my face, all in the name of wanting breakfast) and I could immediately tell that I was feeling G-O-O-D good. I sat up without any discomfort, rolled out of bed and stood up without feeling or looking like a 90-year old man hobbling without his walker.

I fed the cat, brushed my teeth, and hopped into the shower. On the way out, I figured I should weigh myself, and I just about fell over... I had to re-weigh to confirm - I figured the scale was wrong, because I felt like a big blob after not having been able to do any type of activity for a whole 7 days... I took a picture - you can see my "black toe" and the water on my feet from the shower, so I apologize for the gross nature of the picture, but:


My camera is a bit of a beast; without it I was 1.3-lbs lighter (the 6.4% is bodyfat and the 65.0% is water). ZOIKES. Time to get my eating on!! So, I got dressed, made a hearty breakfast (a few eggs (2 egg whites + 1 whole egg), some low sodium bacon, some pico de gallo and salsa), and headed to work. I walked down the stairs to the parking garage and immediately noticed that I felt no pain. Today was going to be a good day!

After a nearly flawless morning at work, Mark asked, "You in for lunch?" I said, "Sure thing - where?" He said I could make the call. I think he was shocked that I wasn't going to run, ride or swim at lunch... normally when he asks, I respectfully decline the invite so that I can workout instead.

We decided on a fish fry; it had to be some place close, quick, and relatively inexpensive. I'd heard mixed reviews about the local bowling alley's fish, and figured it was about time I verify the quality for myself, so we headed over to the Middleton Sport Bowl for their $6.95 beer battered cod special.

(I'll create a new entry so that fish fry seekers don't have to read about my Auschwitz-like weight loss, which, as of today totals nearly 140-lbs...brag, brag... how the heck did I ever weigh so much? Read on, and you'll see how easily I could pack-on some pounds.)

After the fish and cupcakes, I wrapped-up the day at work and then headed over to "Keva" to watch Phil's daughter play in a volleyball game (his wife coaches the team as well). The team lost the series, but played surprisingly well (they're 6th grade kids). Keva is this massive indoor sports facility that has several soccer fields, several volley ball courts, a basketball court, and a huge concession stand/hang out area. They never had that stuff when I was a kid...

We wrapped-up the night by heading over to Mark's house, where a group of seven of us played No-Limit Texas Hold'em until about 1:00am. I won $10, so it was the perfect end to a good day - 5 solid hours of entertainment and I made some money and I didn't have any discomfort!

I did eat like a glutton at Mark's... munching on chips, salsa, peanuts, and cheese and crackers... so my gut is feeling quite full right now. But with any luck, I'll go for a walk tomorrow and may even try to jog for a little bit. I'm going to take it easy though, as I'd hate to provoke an injury. My goal is to run 2-3 miles on Sunday... we'll see how that goes - if all systems prove themselves as reliable, I'll work my way back up to the 42-48 mile/week range over the next 14-18 days. I can't wait!

Recovery is such an odd thing. Had you asked me on Wednesday if I'd be feeling like I do today, I would've tried to laugh and/or slug you in the arm (I would've doubled-over in pain in the process). How things were able to go from 0 to 100 in a matter of 48 hours is beyond me... I guess our bodies are pretty amazing after all.

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