Fish Fry Review: Middleton Sport Bowl

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Friday lunches during lenten season can be hit or miss... Odds are if you head to a burger joint, it'll be largely empty. Hit a place that's known for its fish fry, and you'd best be prepared for a lengthy wait, so it was with some reservation that we decided to try the Middleton Sport Bowl for lunch today. They supposedly have a decent Friday lunch fish fry, so odds were that we'd be in for a bit of a wait, or have to deal with a packed house.

Luck was on our side today; we were able to quickly find a parking spot, and once inside the bar area of the bowling alley, secured two bar stools without any trouble at all. An older gentleman took our orders - deep fried cod plates with diet pepsi all around.

He poured our sodas and brought us a complimentary bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Bonus!

Within 10-15 minutes our fish plates arrived, and featured 2 pieces of beer battered deep fried cod, a nice portion of battered straight-cut fries, some coleslaw, some tartar sauce, and a dinner roll. I opted out of the slaw and tartar, as I'm not a fan. I'm told the slaw was "ordinary" and the tartar "wasn't anything special." Duly noted.

Here's my plate of fish and fries:


The cod was decent. Nothing spectacular by any means, but for a lunch plate, it wasn't too bad. The beer batter was quite flavorful, if not a bit heavy. The fish was a bit watery and light, and it lacked a firm/meaty texture. Flavor was extremely mild - the batter easily over-powered it. Had this been "dinner fish," I'd have been extremely upset, but since it was lunch time, we cut it some slack.

Fries weren't bad at all - nicely battered and fried to perfection. I added a dash of salt and a few shakes of pepper, and all was good. The dinner roll was dry and crusty - so dry, in fact, that I didn't even bother giving it a try. Just from the feel of it alone, I could tell it wasn't going to be worth the calories.

We polished off the fish and our bill arrived - $14.64 for the both of us. Not too shabby. We tipped, thanked the staff, and headed out to the car - our adventure took just 30 minutes - very respectable.

So, Middleton Sport Bowl = NEUTRAL. Not a win, not a fail. I probably wouldn't hit this place for dinner on a Friday night, but I'd definitely go back for a lunch or two, as many of the other patrons' plates looked mighty good (especially the Philly cheesesteaks).

Stay tuned for an entry about the Bloom Bake Shop - a new bakery that recently opened...

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