Friday Night Fish Fry: Fitzgerald's


We decided to stay local, and you can't get much more "local" than Fitzgerald's on Parmenter in Middleton. The place is a classic supper club - complete with paneling, a large and dark bar area, and a nice-sized dining area. It's been around for quite a while from what I'm told, and while they're best known for steaks, rumor had it the fish fry was solid, so we decided to give it a try.

Here's what Fitzgerald's looks like from the outside:


Ventured inside, checked with the hostess and after putting in our names for a table, grabbed a seat at the bar. The bar featured a nice selection of craft brews on tap, and they had complimentary snacks - Gardetto's and fresh popped popcorn. I went with a Tyranena Rocky's Revenge; Mark sampled the old fashioned.

They muddled the cherries with the sugar and bitters; added whiskey, added ice, and topped it off with sour. Mark reported it was "ok" - 5.5 to 6 points out of 10.

Our table became ready and we were led to the dining room, where we passed a huge buffet line along the way. The buffet included items such as broasted chicken, deep fried cod, baked haddock, seasoned and broiled haddock, some casseroles, and a bunch of potato options.

We took a peek at the menu - the buffet was $13; the all you can eat deep fried fish was $13... and the baked fish included 2 pieces of haddock for $10. Hmm... seemed like the buffet was the best bet, so we ponied up the $13 and made our way to the line.

The seasoned haddock looked as if it had been drowned in butter, so I took a pass. I did, however, go with the baked haddock, a baked potato, and I decided to sample the deep fried cod as well. After squeezing some lemon over my fish, this is what the plate looked like:


The fried fish was decent - tasted a lot like a good piece of Vande Kemps frozen fish, though... I seriously doubt they hand batter the buffet fish, so after a few bites I cast it aside and focused on the baked haddock.

The baked was quite firm, rather tasteless, and really unexciting. It wasn't offensive by any means, but it wasn't worth going back for more (although I did go back and grab one additional piece, just because I could). I've definitely had better baked fish in my day.

The baked potato was semi-hard; didn't seem as though they had cooked it to completion. I tried a few of the broasted potatoes, which were excellent - I should've gone with them instead.

All in all, a rather disappointing fish fry. I'd rank Fitzgerald's well outside of our top 10. Perhaps the menu fish is better than the buffet fish?

After Fitzgerald's we headed over to Fontana where I scored a killer new winter hat for $10 (on sale). We ultimately finished the evening at the Come Back Inn - here's Mark and I posing as "uninspired" (we were reminiscing about the fish from Fitzgerald's). You can see my new hat as well... :-D


So, in summary - skip Fitzgerald's. There are better options in the area.

Sunday brings us the Superbowl! I'm headed over to Phil's house (coworker) to watch the game; should be a good time.

Speaking of which, and a bit off-topic... I went shopping for beverages with Phil the other day and stumbled across this odd beverage choice:


Nothing says "refreshing" like a nice big bottle of... erm, Harlem?

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