Dinner: Doing it right, part II

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I mentioned that I've been trying to reset my diet - so far, so good. I did eat a bit of pizza yesterday and may have had a donut or two, but all things considered, the new meal plan seems to be working well.

I also mentioned that I've been addicted to documentaries, and that I recently watched a movie called "King Corn." Well, one of the things they talked about in King Corn was the impact that corn has had on livestock and consequently our nutrition. They compared a cut of grain-fed (aka corn) beef against a cut of grass-fed beef - the grass-fed beef had about 10% of the fat that the grain-fed beef did. The grass-fed beef was also free of hormones, antibiotics and other undesirable stuff. It takes longer to "finish" grass-fed beef (the cow is more active and isn't ingesting insane amounts of sugar), and as such it's more expensive to purchase, but the result is better for everyone.

So this past weekend, I set about finding a local farm that raised grass-fed beef; I didn't have to look far - turns out there's a small farm about 30 minutes from the apartment that raises organic, grass-fed, free-range cattle (along with ostrich, buffalo, poultry, and pork). I stopped in and purchased a couple of beef tenderloins, some chicken breasts, and some organic, locally grown vegetables.

I waited until tonight to sample the grass-fed beef, and all I can say is: wow. It was excellent. The farmers told me that grass-fed beef cooks faster than grain-fed beef and instructed me to cook it to "no more than 125 degrees." I followed their instructions and all went well.

Here's my plated dinner:


There's a small, organic tomato (20 calories), 4oz of roasted broccoli (25 calories), 6oz of roasted mushrooms (40 calories), 6oz of beef tenderloin (240 calories), and 8 spears of asparagus (40 calories). A grain-fed portion of tenderloin would've come in at 410 calories - the difference all stemming from fat content.

So, if you have an opportunity, I'd strongly encourage you to locate a local farm that offers grass-fed meats. You'll cut down on the amount of fat that you ingest, you'll support a sustainable, locally operated business, and you'll enjoy a wonderful meal.

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