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I've been on a terror lately with my eating. For the past two months or so, I've completely trashed my diet - from fish fry to popcorn to fritters, you name it and I've been more or less eating it - in massive quantities. I did try to eat well during my surgery and recovery, but once I was able to start running again I went right back to eating like a glutton.

To prevent significant weight gain from my binge eating, I ramped up my mileages significantly; I'm averaging around 10-miles per day, six days per week with running, and I've been riding the bike a lot more as well.

So, I vowed to completely reset my diet. I spent the better part of this past weekend planning out my meals for the week; I calculated nutritional values, paired meals with supplements, and so on. I'm getting back on track with how I used to eat - a quality breakfast, a reasonable lunch, and a good dinner with a snack thrown into the mix. No more late night runs to the Greenbush Bakery.

What's on the menu? Most breakfasts will be around 210 calories and consist of: .75c Fiber One, .5c Silk Light, .25c blueberries, and a half-scoop of Whey Protein.

Lunches will come-in at around 200 calories: FlatOut wrap, 3oz turkey breast, .25c broccoli slaw, and a teaspoon of salsa.

Afternoon snack will usually include a 6oz container of Siggi's Skyr yogurt and an apple, which will be good for 180 calories.

Dinner will include grilled chicken or pork tenderloin, acorn squash or sweet potato, and a roasted veggie (mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli) - calories will be right around 350 - 400. If the mood strikes, I'll make a breakfast burrito (egg whites, pico de gallo, and a wrap).

Here's what tonight's dinner looked like:


That's half of an acorn squash which I roasted face down for a nice char, 6oz of grilled pork tenderloin, 8 asparagus spears (roasted), and a small tomato that's been sliced. Nutritional values: 371 calories, 5g fat, 42g carbs (2g sugars), 11g fiber, 37g protein.

And speaking of eating healthy... I bought a monster of a blender this weekend - a VitaMix 5200. I first learned of this beast about a year ago, when I ran into Michael Lovato, a world class professional triathlete who has won 2 Ironman races and finished in the top 10 numerous times. Michael trains in Austin during the winter months (he normally lives and trains in Boulder, Colorado), and we happened to run into him while at Trigger Point.

Michael was raving about this new blender - a VitaMix 5200, and we were intrigued. I did some research on it, and it is indeed an impressive machine. It features a 2HP motor (your lawnmower probably has a 2.5, 4, or 5HP motor for comparison), an indestructible blender carafe, and can spin at speeds of up to 27,000 rpm.

It has a seven year warranty and is nearly indestructible. It'll boil water if you let it run for 7-8 minutes. It'll blend and cook soups and scrambled eggs, and it doesn't have any type of "heating element" at all - it's all thanks to those incredibly sharp blades turning at a breakneck pace. To quote Michael, "this friggin' thing will blend a brick!"

Alas, as much as I wanted one, I couldn't justify buying it, so I waited. I revisited it several times - researched it online, searched for deals, but never pulled the trigger. So imagine my surprise when I found a VitaMix demo taking place at the local Costco this past weekend.

I watched the demos, saw the price (about 50% off) and bought one. Here's the beast, sitting on my counter:


I actually waited to use it until today; I decided to make a "green monster" smoothie, which consists of: half an apple, half an orange, a slice of pineapple, a few carrots, a lime, a handful of spinach, and a pinch of lemon juice. Top it off with water and ice, and you're good to go. I also added 5g of Glutamine to help aid muscle recovery as I sleep tonight.

The crazy thing about the VitaMix is that you use whole fruits - and by whole, I mean you leave the seeds and skin on the apple (the seeds have fiber and other goodies). You don't core the pineapple - you peel off the rhine and throw the whole slab of pineapple into the blender. For the orange and lime, you peel some of the skin off, but leave a good portion of it on so that you can get the benefit of the oils and nutrients that reside in the pith and skin.

Now... I know what you're thinking: gross! Seeds? Skin? Pith? Ick!!! Well, that's what I thought as well. But the VitaMix is such a beast that it completely liquifies everything, and it does it in a matter of about 20 seconds. Seriously. I simply cut my apple in half and dropped it in the blender - seeds and all.

Here's what my smoothie looked like, pre-blending:


And here it is, mid-blend:


20 seconds later, I was enjoying a delicious smoothie that consisted of 190 calories. I didn't add any sweeteners or anything other than the ingredients listed above; it was delicious. Next time, I'll use a little less spinach and I'll add ice to help cool it down a bit. But for a first effort, it was a win.

Finally, here's a little sample of what it sounds and looks like in action (with some water in the machine). Click on this link to see a quick video of the blender (requires QuickTime to view). Edit: sound isn't working for some reason... I'm not sure why.

If you need a new blender for any reason, or you simply want to have a 2HP beast of a machine that can pulverize any typical household item (including your shoes, I'm sure), give the VitaMix 5200 a shot. It's an animal, for sure!

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