First yogurt... now mustard?

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I don't know what's going on with the 'ole tastebuds, but my pallette seems to be changing in ways I never would've imagined.

I may have mentioned that I was recently turned-on to all sorts of goodies, such as tomatoes, yogurt, brussels sprouts, squash, and so on. Well, I'm now dabbling in mustard - something I swore I'd never, ever enjoy.

I found a really good honey mustard while visiting the Tryranena Brewery. It was sweet, packed a huge "kick" of spice/heat, and didn't have an overpowering mustard taste. I inquired with the bartender where they got the mustard from, and I was told that it came from "Kallas."

I searched high and low online for Kallas mustard - no luck. On a whim, I decided to stop by the Mustard Museum (which just relocated to Middleton) and asked if they carried Kallas mustard.

"Nope, it's made by a small honey farm in Milwaukee and you can really only get it direct from them, or in a few select grocery stores," said the curator of the museum.

DRAT! But at least I had a lead; a quick Google search got me the contact details for Kallas Honey and I quickly gave them a call. Turns out they were more than happy to ship me an order, so I had them pack-up a few bottles of mustard, some honey, and a special honey BBQ sauce. It arrived about a day later... it was glorious.

I shared the mustard with some coworkers and the unanimous response was, "WOW - that's the best mustard I've ever had." So, I'm happy. Enjoyed a little of the new mustard on a free-range, grass-fed, hormone/steroid/antibiotic-free grilled chicken breast last night. Oh, it was so tasty.

In other news, I've had a brutal week of training - trying to work-off a few extra pounds that I picked-up thanks to some donut scarfing... I'm currently enjoying my new favorite yogurt - Siggi's Skyr:


It's an Icelandic "yogurt" (technically it's a Skyr, which is a slightly different form of yogurt that's closer to Greek yogurt) that is 100% natural - made from the milk of grass fed cows, doesn't have aspartame, sucrolose, gelatin, artificial flavors, preservatives, or corn syrup. It's so simple and clean - the ingredients include: Skim Milk, agave nectar, blueberries, and live active cultures. That's it... nothing else. If you can find it near you, give it a try, but be warned: it's about as opposite of a Dannon Yogurt you'll ever find.

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