Fish Fry Review: Christy's Landing (2nd review)

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Due to a number of extenuating circumstances around this past Friday's Fish Fry opportunity, we had to revisit an establishment that we had already reviewed... we decided to drop-in on Christy's Landing for three reasons: they were close in proximity to where we were, they were open late (served fish until 10pm), and had availability to seat us.

A little back story if you will. This past week was quite busy; after work most nights, I had to help Mark pack and move, and we spent the better part of Friday moving the majority of his household items. By the time we finished, it was nearly 8pm and we were dead tired, not smelling too fresh, and in desperate need of some fish fry.

Several calls to local restaurants resulted in frustration - the wait times were either in excess of two hours, or the establishments had already stopped serving (or run out of fish). I had no idea that a Good Friday meant every single restaurant would run out of fish... :-)

We called Christy's and they indicated they'd be able to seat us by 9:00pm. That allowed for a quick clean-up and drive time, so we took the reservation.

Upon arriving at Christy's, the parking lot was packed with vehicles, but we were able to secure a spot at the bar where we promptly ordered an old fashioned and a few beverages. Within minutes of receiving our drinks, we were whisked upstairs to the dining room and seated at a comfy little table.

Our waitress informed us that they had already run out of several items (coleslaw, salad, baked potatoes and baked cod), but that they had plenty of perch and battered cod. Mark and Dennis ordered the perch (both chose hash browns with cheese and onions for their sides), while I opted for the battered cod with red potatoes and steamed veggies.

We also ordered a round of appetizers (curds and "fry chips"). Our waitress left and we proceeded to unwind and relax a bit.

The appetizers arrived within 5-10 minutes; the curds were of the standard "bagged" variety, but were cooked well, so they received a solid rating. The "fry chips" were essentially homemade, thicker cut chips with an interesting seasoning applied to them. They were decent, especially when dipped in a bit of ranch.

Drinks were refreshed and our fish arrived soon after. The battered cod was spectacular, just as it was during the previous visit. The batter was expertly applied, nicely seasoned, and complimented the flavor of the fish. It was also cooked to perfection - there was nary a sign of grease, and the fish itself was as expected: tender, flaky, moist, and delicious. The red potatoes and veggies were excellent as well.

I was fortunate enough to be able to sample the perch and the hashbrowns, and am pleased to report that both were stellar. The perch plates were piled high with lightly breaded pieces of perch; all were scalding hot and extremely flavorful. While I'm a purist at heart (I usually go with cod), I could easily fall for perch... and the hashbrowns were wonderful to boot.

All-in-all, Christy's remains an excellent option for Friday night fish. Highly recommended, and definitely worthy of it's current ranking at #7 overall. Our service on this past visit was a bit spotty, but it was quite late and they were obviously extremely busy, so it's hard to take away any points.

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