Hanging with the Brew Crew

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I had the opportunity to attend a Brewers game this past Sunday, and since I'd never been to Miller Park (for a game), it sounded like the perfect way to spend what would've been an otherwise dull and dreary Sunday afternoon.

Mark and I were able to score some fantastic tickets via StubHub - 12th row, directly behind home plate, for the Cubs vs. Brewers game. Could you ask for anything better? A bitter rivalry, great seats, and a good time with a coworker/friend? I didn't think so.

We headed over to Milwaukee at around 10:00am - traffic was light, so we arrived with time to spare. Mark had a genius idea - he suggested that we stop at a place called "Sazs" - it's a restaurant located about 1.5 miles from Miller Park. He said that so long as we ordered something from their food menu and at least one drink that they would provide us with a complimentary shuttle ride to-and-from the stadium, and we could park for free in the Sazs parking lot. Sounded like a winner to me!

Sazs turned out to be an absolute win - great food (they had a breakfast/brunch buffet going that was fantastic), a cool atmosphere, and a free ride to and from the stadium. Things were working out far too well.

We arrived at Miller Park and were immediately struck by the sheer awesomeness of our seats. Check out these bad boys:


I took that at "full wide" - there's no zooming or anything, so it appears as if we were farther back than we actually were. I can't describe how close we were to everything - it was really cool. You could clearly hear the umpire, and every so often some banter between the batter and catcher. It brought a smile to our faces:


Unfortunately, our smiles quickly faded as the Cubs proceeded to absolutely trounce the Brewers... If I recall correctly, the score was something like 7-1 by the 4th inning... so, we quickly soured on the game and decided to leave shortly after the infamous sausage race.

For those not familiar, the Brewers have a sausage race with people that are dressed in these oversized sausage costumes - it takes place in the middle of the 6th inning, and is usually the highlight of the game (especially so with the butt-kicking that the Cubs were dishing out on Sunday).

This day's particular race was a "relay" race that included the junior sausages - here they are waiting for a "tag" from their senior counterparts:


And here's the "tag":


After the race was over, we stuck it out for another inning or so - we got to see Prince Fielder bat a few times... although I think he only managed a single hit, so it wasn't an impressive showing by any means. Here's Fielder taking a pitch:


And with that, we called it a day. But not before getting a photo with the winner of the Klement's Sausage Race:


We called the Sazs shuttle and within 10 minutes they were onsite, giving us a ride back to the car. What a great system - no traffic to deal with, no parking fees, some good food, and an all-around-enjoyable experience. If you ever find yourself heading to a Brewers game, budget an extra hour or two before the start of the game and head over to Sazs to take advantage of their shuttle program.

Oh, and finally - this was probably the oddest message we saw on the big screen all day:


I wonder if she said "Yes"?

Home Plate tickets = $65
Sazs Buffet with drink = $15
Parking = $0
Shuttle = $0
Money spent at ballpark = $0 (because we were stuffed from Sazs)

Not a bad trip by any means. Especially when you consider how much we saved by eating and having a drink beforehand... a brat at the park was $6; a single bottle of beer was $7.75; a soda was $6... talk about crazy!

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