Lump-Lump: R.I.P

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Received some sad news last night - Lump-Lump, our parakeet, died unexpectedly and apparently of old age. Amy reports that she heard an unusual squawk from the office (where Lumpy lived in his cage) and when she went in to check on him, he was laying on the bottom of the cage, dead.

Poor little guy. I always felt bad keeping a caged bird - never seemed really fair to him, but he apparently enjoyed his cage quite a bit. There would be times where we would take him out and try to get him to "spread his wings" a bit, but he'd always work his way back into the cage - I guess it felt safe and familiar.

For those not familiar with Lumpy's story, he was found in Bentonville - he flew up to someone and landed on them. They brought him to the animal shelter, and Amy and I agreed to foster him for a while. We were supposed to hand him off to a family from Oklahoma, but for one reason or another, we couldn't ever sync our schedules. Then, we discovered that the family's house burned and several of their pets perished in the fire... had we met them when we were supposed to, Lumpy probably would've met a similar fate.

We decided that it was probably a sign to keep Lumpy, so we upgraded his cage and did our best to keep him content. I can still hear him singing - he had a nice "whistley" voice that wasn't annoying or unpleasant - it was just a happy, feel good whistle. He loved his mirror and he was a sucker for bird seed... we tried to feed him healthier options, but he was quite the seed junkie (an exclusive diet of bird seed is actually not real healthy for birds).

Anyway, we had him for around 6-7 years, and while he wasn't actively involved in our day-to-day lives, he certainly was an enjoyable little fella, and I'll definitely miss him. Take care, Lump-Lump.

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