Madison Marathon: 13.1 miles - done!

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I completed another race this morning - the Madison Half Marathon. I had originally planned to do the full marathon, but my legs have been absolutely "throttled" for the past week or so... There's no power in them, there's no energy - they're just completely trashed and sore all of the time (mostly in the quad area). I have no idea why, although I suspect I've been overtraining with distances and frequency.

Anyway, I decided to "rollback" to the Half rather than the Full in the interest of not injuring myself. So, at 7:20am this morning, I, along with about 5,000 other people, ran in the Madison Half-Marathon. The race was extremely well organized - it was easy to get in and out of, the registration and packet pick-up was excellent, and the water stations, support and staff were all fantastic. Definitely a great race to participate in.

Although, I say that... but it looks like my timing chip may have had an issue? I'm looking for the results online, and my number isn't coming up anywhere... According to my Garmin GPS watch, I did the race in 1:53:34, for an average pace of just around 8:25/mile. If that time is accurate, I would've finished around #90 - #95... not bad, but I really wish I could've run the full marathon. The timing website is getting hammered right now, so I'll go check the results later and update this post accordingly.

Edit: I was able to find my results: the official time was: 1:53:23.0. When I look at the Half Marathon Men's results overall, that would put me at about #90. But, they have me listed as 654 overall, 468 in the Men's group, and #76 in my age group. I'm sort of confused by the results, but I guess they know what they're doing... 654/4600 - not too shabby - puts me in the top 15%. If only my legs hadn't been so trashed!

No real plans for the rest of the afternoon or weekend - as much as it pains me to do so, I'm not going to ride or run tomorrow - I'm going to give my legs a rest with the hope that I can recover a bit.

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