Once again - no fish fry review - sorry!

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I'm sad to report that I don't have a review to share with you this week - I've been on an irresponsible eating binge lately, and so I forced myself to be extra good this week. The problems with attending a fish fry (for me) are many: there's usually a wait, which means we order drinks and cheese curds. Then we eat dinner, which usually includes bread, soup, and far too much food. Then we usually go out somewhere afterward, and that means popcorn, a drink or two, and then I wrap-up the evening with donuts and/or cookies... not a very healthy way to finish a week.

So, I'm going to lay-off the fish frys for a bit and re-focus on my diet. I like Wisconsin, but I also hate it - everything seems to be geared around food/drinking/socializing - it's so easy to lose track of a diet and go overboard... terribly frustrating.

With that in mind, I entered a bike race this weekend and did pretty well - I think I finished second out of about 100 folks or so. It wasn't a "true race" so much as it was a timed "fun ride" for Habitat for Humanity. It was a 50-mile course that was chock full of hills - the race was held down by New Glarus; my time was 2:43:14 - not too bad.


I didn't get any good pictures at the event, save for this rather "interesting" photo of some type of cow that I saw while on the course... After I finished the race, I rode back over to it and took this picture - I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is going on with this little dude:


And here I am, in the truck after the race (you can see my bike in the background) - thankfully the weather was nice (actually, it was too nice - I started the race with my leg warmers on, but had to ditch them after about 30 miles because I was starting to overheat). If I look a little tired, I was - as mentioned, there were a ton of hills... plus I wasn't looking forward to my 14-mile run after the race. :-)


Post-race and post-run I returned home, hopped in the shower, and enjoyed a nice big bowl of Fiber One with blueberries, then cleaned the apartment. Then I got a call from one of my friends from Madison, John, who said he was going to be going out with some other acquaintances and wondered if I'd like to join them. I figured that since I burned about 4,500 calories between riding and running that I could grab a salad or something with the crew... they decided to stop by the Come Back Inn, which actually has a decent grilled chicken salad, so I had that and a soft pretzel and a New Glarus Naked. Here we are at the CBI:


From left-to-right it's: Scott, me, John, and Evan. Evan always takes the craziest pictures - he can get the goofiest look and it's hilarious. We all had a good chuckle when we reviewed the photo. What a goofball.

I went for a 45-mile ride this morning, followed by an 11-mile run... my legs were feeling a bit heavy thanks to yesterday's workout and a somewhat brisk wind (not as bad as in weeks' past, but not enjoyable). Thought about a swim, but I'll save that for the weekdays. Ran some errands, including dropping off my bike at Cronometro - the bottom bracket cracked, again... And now I'm hanging out at the apartment, watching TV and enjoying my compression/recovery tights and socks. These things are so glorious - they really help your muscles recover more quickly. They look unusual to say the least, but man - they work!


Contemplating dinner... thinking about a chicken breast with acorn squash or something like that.

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