Third time's a charm? (I hope)

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I was giving my bike a thorough cleaning a few weeks ago, when I discovered what appeared to be another crack in the bottom bracket area of my new bike. As you'll recall, I discovered a crack in my Cervelo frame a few months ago, and thankfully, the fine folks from Cervelo and Cronometro replaced the frame, no questions asked.

I loved the new frame - it featured a few small improvements over my original frame, and I really liked that Cervelo kept the R3's paint scheme the same from 2008 to 2009. I put about 1500 miles on that new frame - the R3 is a super fine bike, for sure.

Anyway, back to the story... I was cleaning the new bike a few weeks ago, and just about died when I saw another crack, in the exact same location as the last time. I called Cronometro, made an appointment for them to look at it, and kept my fingers crossed. Official word came back from Cervelo: "let's replace the frame, just to be safe."

They didn't suspect the crack was structural; it was most likely a crack in the paint, but Cervelo stepped-up and wanted to replace the frame for good measure. I continued to ride the bike while awaiting delivery of the new frame.

Well, it arrived this week, and Cronometro built-up a new bike for me. I love the folks at Cronometro - they're simply awesome. Their service, attention to detail, assistance and patience are second to none. They didn't even charge me for setting-up the new bike, which was a complete shocker - I had no problem paying to have the new bike built, but they waived all fees.

So... here's the new ride - let's hope that I don't ever have to warranty another single part on this bike!


I took it out for a maiden voyage yesterday, and am pleased to report that it rode as expected: completely excellent. Thanks to minimal winds and extremely pleasant weather, I knocked out 60 miles without any trouble - averaged just over 19mph the entire time, hills and all.

I'm not entirely crazy about the new paint scheme, but I'll probably get used to it over time. For some reason, I really liked the all white look of the 2008/9 R3. At least there's enough white left on the 2010 R3 that my seat and bars still match. :-)

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