20 years... holy. cats. i'm. old.

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I swung through my old home town this weekend to spend some time with my friend Dan, and it just so happened that there were a couple of major events taking place in the 'ole home town: a small summer festival known as "Town and Country Days," and my 20-year high school reunion.

I didn't go to the actual reunion, but I did run into a few classmates from my old alma-matter while visiting the festival - it's amazing to me to think that 20-years have passed since we were in high school... I had a chance to talk with some friends that I've kept in contact with over the years (Dan, Dan, Chris, and Goose) and I also had a chance to see some people that I hadn't seen since 1990 - Liz, Serena, Warren, and Jason, and I also ran into a couple of folks that were a few years older than me but that I spent a lot of time with as I grew up, and that was fantastic.

Just prior to stopping at the festival, Dan, Jason and I visited the Tyranena Brewery, where I spied this little guy sitting on a couch. He looked as if he owned the place - I figured it would make a good picture:


So there you have it. An interesting weekend, catching up with some old friends, and yeah - I'm officially old.


It was GREAT to see you, try not to be such a stranger. Thanks for the shout out on geekysteve, I feel all Hollywood now.

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