Drinking Made Easy: The Tour



So I was minding my own business late last week when I received an e-mail from the Majestic Theater - Zane Lamprey, comedian and host of Three Sheets was going to be playing a show on Friday, and tickets were still available.

With nothing else on the evening docket, I figured it would be worth my time to make the short drive downtown to check out the show. The Majestic is a storied theater that's located about a block from the capital building - it's also not too far from The Great Dane or the Monona Terrace.


Problem #1: I didn't have a ticket to the show. The box office opens an hour prior to show time, so I figured I would get into line early and buy a ticket. Just as I was nearing the box office window (the line wrapped around the block), a guy walked by asking if anyone needed a ticket - he had an extra and wanted $10 for it. I flipped him a $10, got the ticket and saved myself $11 (face value on the tickets were $20 + $1 service fee).

Once inside, I quickly found a small two-top table in an ideal location - dead center of the stage, about 15 rows back, directly in front of the sound board. Win! Problem #2: I didn't have anyone with me, so I wasn't sure how I would "hold" my table while using the restroom or grabbing something to drink... and that's when a waitress came by and asked if I needed anything to drink. Win! I probably should've bought a lottery ticket as well!

So, I had my beverage, and a great table. The place was starting to fill up; the music got a little louder, camera crews buzzed around (they were filming the show for Zane's latest television series called "Drinking Made Easy"), and I was.... getting tired.

The show didn't start until 10:00pm, and I've come to realize that I may be too old for such late night ventures. The first comedian, Marc Ryan, got onto stage promptly at 10:00 and did a great job - he entertained us for about 25 minutes, and then introduced the second "comedian," Steve McKenna.

Steve didn't do much other than drink a handful of beers and tell a few jokes. But, he did bring out Zane's "drinking character/buddy," Pleepleus.


Pleepleus has developed a bit of a cult following; Zane usually takes the much smaller, stuffed-animal version along as he tours the world and then strategically places him in various shots/scenes during filming. I'm not 100% familiar with the entire story behind Pleepleus, but I believe it's a vague reference to "getting that monkey off your back."

So, by around 11:00pm, Zane came onto stage (there was a minor set change after Steve finished), and by now I was really getting tired. The crowd was also becoming quite rambunctious and a bit restless. Zane came out and the first thing that people "demanded" was that he imbibe a bit:


Zane told a few jokes, shared some stories, and then transitioned into an educational bit about various alcoholic beverages. It was really quite interesting - he talked about various types of wine, whiskeys, beers, and so on. But, he was really losing the crowd... I wasn't sure what to expect from such a show; it became clear that most of the people there didn't really want to be "educated" about the fine differences between an Anejo and Reposado Tequila.

And so, I left early. I was simply too tired to hang around, which was a shame because I also scored a free pass to the "meet and greet" after the show. I think I would've passed out had I stuck around much longer - by the time I got home, I could barely keep my eyes open. I guess I'm not much of a party animal these days. :-D

So, I'm glad that I went to the show; I just wish they wouldn't start them so late! Had the show started around 8:00 or 9:00, things would've been perfect. But alas, I'm just an old fogey - the kids probably enjoy those later start times.

I spent the rest of the weekend doing the usual: riding and running. I've found that I seem to run better after a ride... not sure why that is, but my legs feel better when I run immediately following a ride. In fact, I'm pretty certain that my Saturday morning ride (65 miles) helped me recover from the Chicago race.

My legs had felt pretty sore all week; I didn't run on Sunday or Monday, and then I ran "lightly" on Tuesday through Friday (averaged about 5 miles per day). But after my Saturday ride, I felt brand new - I ran 9 miles without any problems or difficulty. It's so odd... I also got one heckuva sunburn on my arms - I forgot to wear sunscreen... yikes!

I rode and ran this morning (45/10, respectively) and have spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the couch, reading a book and "watching" a little television. The cats have been keeping me company - here's Shiloh as he sits next to me:


And Mack has been watching/hunting a chipmunk that keeps running around on the patio (if you look carefully, you can see her behind the bike):


I've been debating dinner options... I'm still not certain what I'll have. Nothing really sounds good, and I'm not terribly hungry, but I've only had a bowl of Fiber One and a protein shake today, so I should eat something... pizza? Thai? Sandwich? Argh - nothing sounds good.

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