Fish Fry Feuds - seriously?

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A little fishy e-mailed me yesterday to say, "... prominent fish fry review site doesn't like that you post pictures of food on your blog."

Apparently this other site considers it "pretentious" that I prefer to document my experiences with both words and photos. The informant went on to say the site suggested that anyone who takes photos of their food "deserves an @ss kicking."


I had to laugh. And after a hearty chuckle, I wondered why anyone would get their undies in a bundle because someone documents, validates, and clarifies a review with the use of a photo. Heck, newspapers review restaurants and regularly include photos of the food, right?

Honestly. Would you call Consumer Reports pretentious for including photos of the dishwashers they review? Or how about Car & Driver? Do they deserve to have their butts kicked for taking a photo of the Kia they recently test drove?

Man has been documenting his adventures through pictures since the beginning of time. Cavemen drew pictures of a big hunt on animal hides and cave walls. Artists captured wars, prominent families, and common events with oil and canvas. Photographers took things a step further. Videographers another step. Today, thanks to the internet, we share photos of everything from family vacations to lobsters fighting with knives...

Anyone who's spent any time on my blog knows that I like to use photos to help clarify, communicate, and share my experiences. I guess I'm a jerk for doing that - oh well. Based on the feedback that countless people have sent, I'll keep including photos because you don't seem to be threatened or offended by them.

Color me skeptical, but a "review" without a photo is sort of like telling a story about "the big one" that "got away." Anyone can throw together a story with colorful descriptions; I'd rather share a photo to clarify and demonstrate such adjectives as "miniscule" and "mountainous" any day.

Finally, I've never considered my reviews to be in any type of "competition" with anyone else. The primary reason I started sharing my fish fry experiences was because many of my friends live in locations outside of Wisconsin and as such, they've never sampled a fish fry. Since I can't very easily send samples of the fish and I've not quite perfected "smell-o-vision" via the web, a photo is probably the next best thing to help share the overall experience. In fact, I think it's hilarious that anyone would "compete" over a fish fry review - what's the point? It's like arguing that chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla...

Anyway, that's it for now - I'm going to go make sure my camera batteries are charged - I smell a fish fry coming this Friday... ;-)


If it wasn't for the pictures I wouldn't believe a word that you said. Like "I ran to Chicago". Ya right!


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