Fish Fry Review: Mulligan's, Oregon, WI

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With the new iPhone firmly in hand and an invitation to partake in a fish fry with my friend Jed, I hopped in the truck and made the short jaunt down to Oregon, WI where I found Mulligan's.


A few weeks ago, Jed texted me from Mulligan's to report that the fish fry was "decent" and the Old Fashioneds were "perfectly muddled." Sounded like a winning combination, so I was pretty excited to give this fish fry a shot - especially after last Friday's less than fantastic fish fry at Feiler's.

Mulligan's was a busy place - the patio was filled, the bar area was packed, and the dining areas that flank either side of the bar were also well attended. Jed had arrived before me and as such put in a request for a table, which we were told would take about an hour to become available. No worries - the bar featured a nice selection of tap beverages and huge bowls of complimentary Gardetto's snacks.

I grabbed a Supper Club and a handful of snacks and then went about chatting with Jed and Jamie. Jed also introduced me to a friend of his who happened to be at the bar with his wife, and before we knew it, the table was ready.

While we were seated promptly, our server took a good 20-30 minutes before making her first appearance. Apparently (according to the hostess) the server was "brand new," so we cut her some slack - besides, it was Friday night, the work week was behind us, and a fish feast was eminent.

We ordered some cheese curds; several folks ordered clam chowder, and I sampled the Old Fashioned (whiskey sour). It was indeed muddled (extra points) and was crisp and refreshing - score one for Mulligan's.

The curds and soup arrived - the curds, while not homemade, looked to be well prepared and tasty.


After downing a few curds (which were quite good, with nary a sign of grease or sogginess), we put in our orders for fish - Mulligan's offers two choices of fish, both of which are served "AYCE" (All You Can Eat): battered cod or baked cod. Potato choices included: garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato, french fries, waffle fries, onion rings, or cottage cheese - quite a diverse selection to say the least.

I went with the battered cod and waffle fries; I was absolutely floored (and pleased) to learn that I could also order baked as part of the AYCE option - not too many places offer that service, so it was greatly appreciated.

After a brief wait, the fish arrived:


And I'm pleased to report that the battered cod was excellent. The batter, while slightly heavy, was crisp, tasty, and perfectly applied. It clung nicely to the delicate, moist, flaky, and fresh tasting cod. I quickly downed the two piping-hot pieces of cod and put in an order for the baked cod.

The waffle fries featured a mild spice and were superb. According to Jed, the garlic mashed potatoes were stellar - they looked fantastic, so I have no reason to doubt his assessment.

The baked cod arrived, and before I even took a bite, I knew this would be a win:


What? It looks plain? Simple? Clean? Perfect - that's exactly how baked cod should be. It shouldn't be doused in dill, paprika, or butter - no sir, just hit it with a light dusting of spice and serve it so that the fish is the star. Mulligan's did just that - the baked cod was delicious: moist, fork-firm, flavorful and unabashedly delicious.

The bill arrived and again - good news: the fish fry was reasonably priced at $9.95! An absolute bargain when you consider how delicious it was and that you could swap between fried and baked "at will." The dinner didn't include the typical supper club fare (dinner roll, carrots/celery/radishes), but it didn't matter - it was great on its own.

Mulligan's = WIN

Service = 2 stars (new waitress; I'm sure other tables were better served)
Food = 4 stars (excellent fish, great fries, decent curds)
Value = 4.5 stars ($9.95 for AYCE??? Yes please!)
MISC = 4 stars (great bar area - large (but slightly noisy), free snacks, nice patio)

Summary: I would happily return to Mulligan's in a heartbeat. Not quite a top-10 finisher, but a very solid fish fry.


After the fish fry, we headed down to Oregonfest to listen to a band and to catch-up with some of Jed and Jamie's other friends. As we were making our way to the park, we met this little guy - a two-year-old boxer by the name of Reggie - he was a real cutie!



I have to say Reggie is one cutie, I'll be getting my boxer pup in about a week (named her Lucy) and she has similar facial markings as Reggie, but her color is Brindle rather than Fawn.

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