Wisconsin: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!! (wow)



Can someone help me understand the fear and/or fascination that Wisconsin seems to have with hydration?

I've noticed that while watching the nightly news, the newscasters and weather folks really make it a point to let everyone know, "it's going to be 70+ degrees out today, so make sure you hydrate before you partake in any outdoor activities!" They repeat this about a dozen times throughout their newscast...


I understand the importance of hydration, especially in hot, arid climates (like Austin, TX or Palm Springs, CA or Phoenix, AZ), but I'm baffled by the fear/constant reminders here in the cool and humid land of cheese.

I also noticed that while biking this past weekend, nearly every other bicyclist wore a Camelbak hydration unit (basically a huge water bladder in a backpack with a long, flexible straw so you can "drink from the backpack") and at least one or two water bottles in their cages. And most of these folks looked like what I refer internally to as "sausage-stuffed blood clots": overweight, middle-aged folks that are all decked-out in one-or-two-sizes-too-small UW-Wisconsin team color riding apparel.

Ok... come on. Really? You need a gallon of water for your 30-minute bike ride in 60-degree, overcast weather? Wow - I must be a camel, because all summer long, I never took more than two water bottles with me, even on my 70+ mile rides.

I also noticed while running on one of the local trails this weekend that there were no fewer than five (5) water stations set-up...

I just don't get it... not that there's anything wrong with hydrating (it is important), but if I didn't know better, I'd truly believe that most folks think Madison must be a desert climate or something like that.

(just ranting a bit)

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