I love not knowing what I'm doing...

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It's so unfortunate that I don't know what I'm doing, especially when it comes to things that I'm not formally educated in. Like picking stocks. I'm terrible at it.

Sirius closed at $1.28/share today. I bought it less than two years ago for $0.11 per share. Today, my $1000 investment is worth, well - you do the math. Low risk, high return. I was told I was throwing my money away; wasting my time; destined to never make a penny from that investment. Wow - glad I tossed that money away so foolishly...

Now if only I had that Google stock I so desperately wanted to buy when it was offered at $85/share. It closed at $538/share today. Or if I had that Apple stock I had wanted to buy back in the 80s... but, I don't - people that are smarter than me advised against those purchases and forbid me from investing. Whew - thanks for looking out for me!

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