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Greetings, folks. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I had a rather busy weekend; it started on Friday evening with swimming sinking for 45 minutes at the gym, followed by a trip to the grocery store to stock-up for the weekend/week. I've discovered that my favorite time to go grocery shopping is at around 9:00pm on Friday nights because there's no one in the store, and the stores are fully-stocked in preparation for the weekend rush. I can get in and out of the stores pretty quickly, and parking is plentiful, so it's a win-win.

I woke-up early on Saturday with the intention of going for a bike ride and a run, but the weather didn't seem to get my memo... it was cool with a moderate wind and a light rain, so that meant no riding outdoors. The alternative was the trainer, which I absolutely dread using, so I sat and stared at it for a solid hour before forcing myself to crank out a boring 1.5 hours on the thing. I'm not looking forward to winter...

After the ride, I hit the road for a run - I've been running shorter distances for the past week in an effort to rest my legs a bit, so yesterday I decided to resume some normal mileage - managed to get just over 10 miles in, and I missed most of the rain.

Made an awesome egg sandwich (english muffin, 4 egg whites, 1 slice apple smoked turkey bacon, 1 slice of 1% sharp cheddar, 1 Tbsp garlic roasted salsa) and then headed to the library for a few hours. I returned home only to find my neighbors in the midst of UW badger game parties, which meant my apartment was incredibly "noisy" - I could hear both neighbors hootin' and hollerin' clear as day. Joy.

So, I decided to go to the movies, where I saw The Social Network - a movie about Facebook. I'm not a fan of Facebook, but I really enjoyed the movie - it was well made, interesting, and it kept my attention for the full 2 hours. Win.

Today, I woke-up early and once again cursed the weather. It was raining pretty steadily and I had a race planned for this morning - a 15K run that's put on by the UW Running Club. I don't really mind running in the rain too much, and upon quick glance of the thermometer, I saw it was 55F, so I figured all would be ok.

I loaded-up the rain gear, filled a water bottle with my pre-race fuel (EFS with .25 scoops of whey protein), and hopped in the car for the short drive over to Werner Park, where the race was being hosted. I grabbed my registration packet and then went back to my car, where I waited for the race to start.

And that's when the light sprinkle turned into a downpour. Buckets of water seemingly fell from the skies. And it wasn't a comfy summer rain - no sir, this was your typical "bone chilling fall rain," and to make matters even better, a 15mph wind kicked in. This was looking a lot like my triathlon conditions from a few weeks ago... joy again.


I waited until the last possible moment before getting out of the car and making my way to the starting line, where I was greeted with a 10-minute wait for the start of the race. The race was a bit disorganized to say the least... which was a shock because I figured the UW would know how to run an event.

The whole experience was weird - picking up my packet was complicated and time consuming, complete with a super long line (for no apparent reason). The race started late for reasons unknown. The actual start was unusual - some random guy walked up to where everyone was milling around, and without a bullhorn or anything like that simply yelled "GO." I think everyone was surprised to see the first few runners taking off, because there was quite a "hiccup" to the start - people were turned the wrong way and didn't see other runners leaving, so they got bumped into/run over a bit.

And so I ran 15K (9.6 miles) around the Werner Park/Mendota Hills area, and I must say that whomever designed the course was both unimaginative and sadistic. Hills galore - and not just small/medium hills, mixed with a lot of "repeating loops" - we ran many of the same roads several times, which is super annoying to me. I hate running "laps" in a race - I'd rather see as much new scenery as possible while out and about.

The race ended - my time was 1:16 (oh, they also didn't have any timing system, so my watch kept my "official" time). Not great, but not bad. Here I am in the car, soaked to the bone and feeling rather chilly:


After the race, I drove over to the local farmers market to buy some bison, then headed back to the apartment. I debated between taking a shower or loading-up the bike and joining my favorite local bike shop for their final group ride of the year. The skies were clearing, so I opted to go for the bike ride, which was supposed to be an "easy 30-mile route at a comfortable pace."

Turns out it was slightly longer and slightly faster than I initiall thought it would be. Our small group did a 45-mile route that we rode at an average pace of 20.7 mph. And, to make my legs feel even better, there were plenty of hills. :-)

And, despite the mercury showing 62F, it felt like about 45F for some reason (probably the damp air + wind). We finished the ride with a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, and then I headed back to the apartment. I was starving - all I'd eaten so far was my pre-race drink, a post-race recovery drink, and a Hammer Gel (compliments of Collin, the owner of Cronometro - thanks, Collin, I owe you one!!) while on the ride... total calories: about 375.

I can't say enough great things about the Cronometro guys - Collin, Scott, Andrew and the rest of the crew are just fantastic folks to deal with. They've done a great job of helping me out with warranty items as well as with general maintenance and purchases. If you're ever in need of some bicycling equipment or some excellent service work, go see Collin and the guys. I'm definitely going to do some more of their group rides next year as well.

Once at the apartment, I fired-up the shower and soaked myself in the warmest water that I could stand. I made some dinner (bison steak, roasted broccoli, black beans, and a scoop of corn) and am now sitting on the couch trying to warm up. I'm still freezing!


The blaze orange hat was in my race goodie bag - it says "UW Running Club Fall 15K." It may be the best thing I've ever received in a goodie bag! And last but not least, I'm also watching the shoot-out between the Packers and Vikings - holy cats have there been some big throws so far!

Enjoy your week - I'll check-in with you later on.

Oh - I almost forgot to ask about this... while in the Dells last weekend, I spied a totally awesome motorcycle, but I have no idea what model or year it is. It's obviously a Harley, but I cannot determine the model or model year. If anyone has any ideas or info, please let me know!




first of all, love your fish fry reviews.

I am originally from Middleton but left to attend college and have been on the East Coast for the past 25 years.

I am home for the year helping with some family obligations and located your blog.

I absolutely love your blog, especially the fish fry pictures.

May I recommend that you go to The Anchors Away at the Bridge-I loved it when I was a young child and since returning to Wisconsin-partially as I will be returning back East within a year, I still love it, maybe even more. We don't have Perch or Haddock back east .

Try Anchor's Away, I would be curious to your review.

As a side note, when I was a child my pop loved Owl's Nest.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the kind words and glad that you enjoy the blog. Anchors Away is on the list, along with Fitz's on the Lake (I think they're located in close proximity to one another), so stay tuned for updates. I need to be more diligent about going to fish frys on a regular basis, but that darned fish sets me up for an entire weekend of poor eating, so I try to do the fish frys in moderation. :-)

Thanks again,

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