A "must see" pair of movies

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I had the opportunity to see two really excellent movies this weekend and I strongly encourage you to see them yourself. They're on polar opposite ends of the movie genre - one was a documentary, the other an animated film; but trust me - they're excellent movies.

The first movie that I saw was Megamind and I got to see it in IMAX 3D, which was pretty unreal. It was my first 3D movie and I have to admit that it was awesome. There weren't a ton of 3D "in your face" effects, but the general "depth" and "life" that 3D brings to the picture really enhanced the film. The story line was excellent as well, and unlike a lot of movies that I've seen recently, this film held my attention the entire time. It wasn't too long of a movie, and it didn't try to include any hidden meaning/agenda/lesson - it was simply an entertaining film.

If you have the opportunity, I'd strongly recommend Megamind 3D. But be warned: it's pricey! The night-time movie ticket was $10 for an adult (eek!), plus two surcharges: $4 for IMAX and $3 for 3D... so, my single ticket was a staggering $17. I remember when concerts cost less than that...

The other film I saw was a documentary about the collapse of the financial system and how it was basically facilitated by government deregulation of the financial industry and orchestrated by a few large investment banks with the sole purpose of maximizing short term profits for themselves. The film is called Inside Job and if ever there was a "must see film," this is it. It's absolutely maddening; even moreso because I, along with 300 of my friends, were directly impacted by the net result of the collapse.

Be warned: the film is fairly "technical" - it shares a lot of non-traditional information about the financial industry and there are several "tracks" that it simultaneously follows, but most folks should get the general gist of the film. I'll probably see it again to best capture all of the information, but I'll likely wait until it's available on video. The film doesn't have a large release, so it may be hard to find - just keep an eye open for it on video or rental. It's narrated by Matt Damon, if that makes any difference. :-)

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