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It snowed on Friday night - not a ton - but enough to put a complete end to outdoor bike riding season here in Wisco. And that means all of my riding for the next 4-5 months will take place on the dreaded trainer. UGH!

I appreciate having the trainer because it does allow me to keep "riding" throughout the winter months, but I can't tell you how dreadful it is. Even with the television to help keep me company while cranking out the miles I loathe the thought of spending time on that thing.

And even though we got between three and four inches of snow, I went running outside - there's no way I'll use a treadmill unless I absolutely have to. :-)


To be perfectly honest, I sort of enjoy running in the snow. Everything is quiet - the cars, my foot steps, the surroundings... it's sort of peaceful to be chugging along with the snow cushioning my steps as it compacts and "crunches" ever so lightly under my feet. The only downside is the lack of footing - my run felt twice as long, partly because of the slipping and wasted motion associated with the snow "giving" under my feet.

And, yesterday, the temperature wasn't bad at all - it was in the low 30s, without much wind. The snow was light, which made for easy shoveling (I had to clear a small patch of cement in front of my garage; the plowing service handles everything else) and it doesn't hurt that my garage faces to the north, which resulted in very little snow accumulation, as you can see here... This picture is from my garage door, looking "out" (I have no idea who that person walking in the background is):


Today, however, is another story. It's much cooler outside - struggling to hit 20F - and it's much windier. I can hear the wind blowing against the windows... I'm not looking forward to lacing up the shoes and hitting the road as much as I did yesterday. I'll probably have to break out a scarf and a warmer pair of gloves to help combat the wind. At least it's sunny-ish...


Other than the usual workout routine, there are no major plans for today - I'll watch the Packers game, go for my run later in the afternoon, eat some chicken for dinner, and watch the usual Sunday evening TV shows. I'll probably do some reading as well - pretty exciting day, eh? :-D I can't wait for next weekend - there are a few new movies coming out that I'm looking forward to, so it'll be good to get out and see them.

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