w00t for Zoot!

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For those not familiar with the slang term, "w00t" here's wikipedia's definition. It's basically a typo'd version of the word "woohoo" if you don't feel like reading the entire definition.

Woot also happens to be the name of a website that offers incredible one-day-only deals on everything from blenders to composters to water bottles and what have you. I've seen 60" plasma televisions on woot for $999 with $5 shipping, and brand new digital cameras for $29.95.. and the deal changes every day at midnight (today's deal is a 48-pack of Colgate disposable toothbrushes for $4.99 with $5 shipping). When it's gone, it's gone.

Anyway... I'm "w00ting" because I just scored a spectacular deal on a new pair of shoes from a company called "Zoot." Zoot is a triathlon-focused clothing and shoe company that got its start at one of the early Ironman races in Kona, Hawaii way back in 1983. They innovated the idea of the dedicated "triathlon race suit" - something that would allow an athlete to swim, ride, and run without having to change their clothing during the transitions.

Prior to the invention of the triathlon suit, an athlete would start the race in a swim suit, change into their biking shorts, and then change into their running shorts. All of those wardrobe changes made for slow transitions and slower finishing times, so the triathlon suit was a novel and impressive idea - no more changing meant faster race times.

As legend has it, the company name came by way of some german athletes who were mispronouncing the word "suit" - they were looking for those cool new "triathlon zoots" and I guess the name stuck.

I've bought some Zoot stuff in the past, and while it's really nice, it's usually really expensive... so when I stumbled across a running store from Minnesota that was going out of business and clearing its inventory, I took advantage of the opportunity and jumped on a pair of Zoot Ultra Tempo 2.0 running shoes.


Not bad for $35 shipped to my door! They would normally cost $120-$130.

They're super light - about 6.5oz per shoe, are fast to put-on (big loops for grabbing with thumbs, speed laces), and don't require socks - the insides are completely seamless and lined with a foot-friendly material. I wore them around today and like 'em, even if they are a bit "loud."

I'll probably use them primarily for walking-around shoes as they don't have a ton of "guidance" - my foot pronates when I run, so I need a stability shoe for most of my running/training efforts. I may use them in a few races, just to see how they work out.

And speaking of racing, I have tentatively identified my racing schedule for 2011. It's looking like there will be three marathons, two half-marathons, two half-ironmans, and with any luck, the Madison-to-Chicago 200 relay race. The marathons will be a challenge, but I'd like to knock a few of them out, and I'm not getting any younger, so I suppose there's no time like 2011.

I'm focusing the last few weeks of January as my "cutting" weeks - lower mileage running/biking/swimming with emphasis on an extremely clean diet (save for an upcoming cheat day that I have planned). Then, on February 7, I start the marathon-focused training (with plenty of biking/swimming/lifting added).

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