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You may recall from an earlier entry that Mother Nature recently dealt me, Wisconsin, and most of the country a weather-defeat by way of the "Storm of the Century." Well, the tables have turned, albeit ever so slightly, as we saw the mercury start to rise and much of the snow melt away. And that should be good, right?

For the most part, yes. But, as science 101 reminds us, water may take three forms: solid, liquid, or gas. And, as snow melts, it converts to liquid form, provided the temperature stays above 32F. So, at night, when the temperatures drop to below 32F, all of that wonderful melting snow quickly turns to ice - much of it "black ice," especially on sidewalks, as I discovered just the other night.

In my never-ending neurotic state of worrying about my weight, I decided to take a late night stroll to help work off a few extra calories that had been consumed earlier in the evening. And while returning back to the apartment I managed to encounter some black ice on the sidewalk, most of which was hiding underneath a shallow puddle of water.

I took a brief step onto the ice and immediately went completely sideways. In less than a second, I was lying on my side - my hip was hurting, my ribs were hurting, I had bitten my tongue rather impressively, and I had managed to knock the wind completely out of me. I stuck-out my tongue and realized I couldn't take a breath in. So, I tried to jump straight-up, but my hip and ribs didn't think that was such a great idea. I rolled out of the puddle and got on all-fours; I eventually caught my breath, spit out some blood (compliments of my now throbbing tongue), and took an inventory of my parts...

I gingerly stood-up and hobbled back to the apartment, where I immediately checked for broken bones. Nothing seemed broken, but boy oh boy, was I sore. I fired-up the internet and looked for information on rib injuries - the suggested course of action: RICE... Rest Ice Compression Elevation + immobilization. On went the compression gear (tights + top), along with an athletic wrap, and two large packs of ice. I managed to sleep on my good side and didn't move much throughout the night. Score another one for Mother Nature...

The next day was awful - I couldn't walk, I couldn't breathe in; my ribs felt like I had a knife in them, and my hip had a bruise the size of a notebook. Nice. I worked from home that morning, but was so uncomfortable while sitting that I decided to hobble into the office as my desk has the capability to raise up so that I can stand and work. Oddly, I felt good when standing; awful when sitting.

When I returned home that night, I did some more research about hip/rib injuries and an old familiar trick surfaced - the ice bath. I drew a nice, cool bath (about 55F) and took a soak. I sat in it for 20 minutes or so; that's all I could handle - and immediately noticed an improvement. I threw on the compression gear again, applied some fresh ice packs, and suffered through a poor night's "sleep."

The next morning, I was as stiff as a 100-year old barn board, so I decided to work from home again. I had several conference calls planned and had to create a boatload of documentation for my projects, so it worked out without much hassle. I took 4 additional ice baths as well - each one seemed to help a little more than the previous. And by the next morning, I felt really good. My hip felt almost normal, and my ribs were greatly improved as well.

By the next morning, I took one last ice bath and went to work, where I was able to maneuver around without much difficulty at all. I popped a few ibuprofen and even managed to go for a light jog, which was promptly followed-up with 2 more ice baths before bed.

I woke-up this morning and felt really good - good enough to ride my bike on the trainer for a few hours and manage a 45-minute jog. My hip feels like it's at 95%; my ribs at about 65-70%, but definitely manageable. I give full credit for the rapid and miraculous recovery to those ice baths. While not enjoyable, they seem to have helped quite a bit! Score 1 for Steve and the ice bath! Take that, Ma' Nature!

All clutziness aside, I broke-down and bought an iPad. I couldn't resist. It's pretty cool, although, I must admit, I think the iPhone is better as a portable information device. The iPad is slightly too big to be truly portable, and slightly too small to be a truly productive device. It's great at certain things - browsing the web is easy, reading an eBook is amazing, and checking e-mail is a breeze. But aside from that, the iPhone does everything the iPad can do, and it does it as well, if not better than the iPad.

Here's a picture of the new iPad; it's next to my Logitech 880 remote for size comparison:


And here it is, with a Kindle eBook on screen:


There are also a few cool iPad specific applications out there, and I'm sure that as it matures and iOS continues to advance, the iPad will truly come into its own. But for now, I'm still a bit "on the fence" over it. I want to like it, but it hasn't wowed me as much as I hoped or thought it would. I'll give it some time.

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