Storm of the Century: 1; Steve: 0

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Unless you're living in Hawaii, the odds are fairly good that this week's (cue the overdramatic, booming, bigger-than-life announcer voice) "Storm of the Century" impacted you in some way. Wisconsin was hit pretty square, especially the south eastern corner. From what Amy has mentioned, Arkansas took a solid hit as well - something along the order of 12" of snow!

When talk of this monster storm first surfaced, I had mixed emotions. Part of me really wanted a huge pile of snow so that I could snow shoe 'till my heart's content. Part of me didn't want any snow because it complicates my running routine. And another part of me wondered if the storm would really happen, or if it was being blown-out-of-proportion.

Turns out that we went 0-for-3 on the wishes, and the Storm of the Century won the match. Argh.

How so? While we did get a healthy dose of snow (Madison officially clocked-in with 12.7-inches and recorded steady winds of 45mph last night), the snow was really light and fluffy. Great for shoveling. Really bad for snowshoeing.

I had plans to snowshoe into work today - it's only about a 3-mile hike, and I was positive the massive quantities of snow would make for great snowshoeing. The wind had me a bit worried, so I picked-up one final piece of "winter-proof" clothing: goggles. I scored a sweet set of Smith goggles on sale - list price: $130. My price: $47. WIN. They look pretty cool:


That photo was taken this morning, as I trekked my way to work. Notice the monster pile of snow behind me? It's almost as tall as the gas sign... Should've been great for snowshoeing!

Alas, the trek was anything but enjoyable because the ground was either covered in near-waist-deep powdery snow that I instantly "fence-posted" through with my snowshoes, or it was nearly 100% clear, thanks to ambitious snowblowers and/or high winds that cleared the road/sidewalk. One minute I was "clanking" along on bare cement; the next I was buried to my hips, struggling to take a step. Talk about frustrating. Steve: 0 / Storm: 1

I snowshoed back home from work and my second fear was confirmed: the sidewalks are going to stink for running for quite some time. While most were cleared, the snow that remained had turned packed and very slick. So much for getting in some serious mileage this weekend... looks like I'll be stuck on the dreadmill. I managed to get in 7 miles on the dreadmill today after work, but wow was it painful - so boring. Steve: 0 / Storm: 2

And, as you may have guessed, the Storm really did happen, and it was sort of "severe." To add insult to injury, the storm knocked out my furnace last night, so sometime around 3:00am, I was awoken by the frigid air - the temp in my dump of an apartment had dropped to 47F, thanks to incredibly leaky windows and doors (even with plastic over them). I checked the breaker and the thermostat - both were fine, but the heat would not run at all. I called the "management" company's emergency number, explained the situation, and was told that they would "try" to send someone out during normal business hours on Wednesday.

I asked them what constitutes an emergency - one would think that no heat during a blizzard where the windchill was -30F would qualify. They hung up on me. Talk about slumlords. I hate moving - hate it - but I can't imagine staying here a minute beyond my lease. They did come and fix something today, but in the process, they left all of my lights on and my entry door unlocked. They also opened all of my closet doors for some reason... odd.

So, joy - I get to pack and move again this summer. With the transparent walls (I can hear my neighbors doing everything - getting ice, opening their microwave, talking, their alarm clocks, their dresser drawers opening/closing), the drafty environment (the heat bill for my 650-sq/ft apartment, with the temp set to 63F was $133 last month), and the irresponsible and non-responsive management, I feel duped by this place. It looked great when I saw it, and they assured me it was "quiet and energy efficient" - lies, lies, lies.

Steve: 0 / Storm: 3

So there you have it. A perfect loss, served by the (perfect) Storm of the Century. Well played, Mother Nature.

But all is not lost - at least the beer from the local brewery is certain to be served extra cold over the next few days. I took this photo of the Capital Brewery while snowshoeing to work today:


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