Another transport; Helping Brian; Tale of Two Meals

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I got the call to help with two more rescue transports and once again, really enjoyed it. Last weekend, I drove two rescue dogs from Madison to Eau Claire, and both were complete angels; the weekend prior, I drove a super sweet little guy from Madison to Eau Claire as well, and he was totally awesome. I need to count my lucky stars; all of the rescue transports I've done so far have been fantastic - the dogs have been great passengers and the people have been wonderful to work with.

Here are a few photos of the pups that rode with me - there were a total of 8 or 9 dogs in each transport, so several of us caravanned our way from Madison to Eau Claire, by way of the Dells and Black River Falls. The weather was a little dicey for the first transport, but the second one featured lots of sunshine and smooth sailing.



I also had the pleasure of spending someone else's money by way of my coworker, Brian and his quest to build a small home theater in his recently remodeled basement. I always enjoy spending money, even more so when it's not mine. :-)

Brian had us over to his home to inspect the layout prior to beginning the equipment installation - it was really great to hang with him and his family - his wife and two children are super wonderful. Here we are in the basement, inspecting things (that's Mark (also from work) walking in the background - I think he was chasing Brian's son):


You can see some of the new items in the photo - a 55" Samsung television, a Klipsch Reference Subwoofer, Klipsch speakers, and a Denon receiver - all really nice stuff!

And while the basement was really cool, we were most impressed with his "in-house bottle opener" (which was a registered wedding gift, believe it or not!):


And here's Brian and me, enjoying one of those beverages and a few snacks. I caught Brian just as he was trying not to spit out his drink while laughing (sorry for the poor photo, Brian!):


After finishing the recon-work, we hit Buffalo Wild Wings for some good eats (I haven't had BWW in ages!); and I'm happy to report that other than that cheat meal, I've been sticking fairly true to the diet, which hasn't been easy, as you'll see in a second...

I returned to Brian's the following weekend to help install all of the components, and I'm pleased to say that we successfully hid every single wire for each item, hung the TV on the wall, mounted the speakers to the wall, and configured everything over the course of an afternoon. I'm told that the family is enjoying the new set-up - especially the kids; I lent them my Blu-Ray copy of Despicable Me, and it's been quite the "wower."

And finally, one of my project teams from work requested that I provide donuts at our next meeting, so I swung by the local bakery and picked-up 18 donuts and 2-lbs of cookies. While there, I saw what may have been the most intriguing donut I've ever seen, so I bought the very last one. I present to you the bacon-topped, honey-maple frosted, syrup filled long john:


We cut it into about 10-pieces, and from what I'm told, it was pretty fantastic. I honestly didn't have a single bite of any of the donuts, nor did I have any of the cookies. How I managed to stay away from those goodies is beyond me, but I managed. Instead of indulging my sweet tooth, I nibbled contently on my protein bar and drank my green tea. That night, I found myself fantasizing about those donuts as I ate my standard dinner, which consists of: grilled chicken breast (free-range, organic, locally raised), "clean" black beans (no lard, no pork, no added fats/oils - just beans simmered with some garlic, bay leaves, and spices), roasted broccoli and cauliflower, a small organic tomato, and some mustard:


As good as that meal is, I really do wish I wasn't such a lardo, and that I could wolf down a few pizzas, some cheese curds, some donuts, and a few choice New Glarus beverages... alas, the 'ole metabolism won't allow for such treats, so I'm stuck "enjoying" my healthy dinners. Argh.

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