Anyone else ready for the "real" spring?

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Is there anyone out there who feels like this winter season has dragged on relentlessly? Wow. I'm so ready for the cold, damp, dreary weather to go away once and for all. I realize this is Wisconsin, and that it gets (and remains) cold for quite a while... but, enough - ok? Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!

It doesn't help that we've recently had a few quick "breaks" of warm weather - I believe we hit the high 50s last week, with some low 50s on Saturday of last week. I took full advantage of that warm weather by firing-up the primary road bike and hitting the roads for a nice 30-mile ride:


Nothing beats getting outside for a good ride in nice weather - it's liberating and invigorating. I love how quiet my bike is, and I enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, and of course the speed and responsiveness of riding on a real road surface. As I mentioned earlier, the trainer hasn't been too terribly bad this year, but there's nothing quite like riding in the great outdoors, especially when the weather is so perfect.

But, being the tease that she is, Mother Nature didn't gift us with nice weather for too long... nope, because while last Saturday was stellar, Sunday was dreadful - rainy, cold, and windy. No riding outside... and my run was anything but fun. Ick.

Thankfully, I was able to take some refuge from Sunday's dreary weather - a group of us went to the Milwaukee Bucks game and saw the Bucks take on the New York Knicks.


As you can see, the weather wasn't too appealing... but, we avoided most of the bad stuff by stopping at Saz's restaurant, snagging a free parking spot, grabbing a pre-game beverage and snack, and then riding their complimentary shuttle bus to the Bradley Center. You can't beat that service! The bus drops-off and picks-up directly in front of the Bradley Center. No parking fees, no traffic fights, just a quick 10-15 minute ride from Saz's to the center. Nice!

Once inside, we were pleased to discover our seats were pretty stellar:


We were about 15 rows from the court, and I was amazed by how incredibly strong and conditioned NBA players are. Holy cats - those guys are tall, lean, and ripped - they looked like huge blocks of muscle flying up and down the court... You can't really appreciate their conditioning until you see them in person; the television doesn't do their speed and strength any justice.

The Bucks ended-up beating Carmello Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire (of the Knicks) by a score of 100 to 95. Turned out to be a decent game!


After the game, we took the shuttle back to Saz's, then headed back to Madison, where we grabbed a late dinner at a local Irish pub. All-in-all, a good day/weekend.

This weekend is shaping up to be rather dull - nothing really going on. I transported a dog from Coloma, Wisconsin to Edgerton. He was a super nice little guy named Paxton. He rode like a true gentleman - calm, quiet, and perfect.


It was an early morning transport; I had to leave the apartment by 7:00am to meet the other transport driver in Coloma, so I waited to ride/run/lift until I returned to the apartment. Spent 2 hours riding the trainer, an hour running in the freezing cold (it was 27F with 15mph winds), and an hour lifting weights at the gym. Exciting, eh?

I've got a massage scheduled for tomorrow afternoon - my calves have been killing me (cramping heavily lately, especially while sleeping), so I'm hoping a little massage therapy will help some of the adhesions and knots. Other than that, it'll be more of the same - ride and run in the morning, massage, and then a semi-cheat meal. I'm going to make a garlic- and onion-stuffed turkey burger with mushrooms and sprouted wheat bread. I'm really looking forward to it!

I used a slice of the sprouted wheat bread (it's 100% whole grain with less than 1g of sugar per slice - loaded with complex carbs and protein) for my afternoon lunch today, which consisted of 2 slices of Applegate Farms nitrate-free turkey breast wrapped in 3 egg whites mixed with chopped spinach and topped with cilantro-and-garlic salsa. Yum, and it came in at exactly 250 calories. A perfect post-workout lunch, for sure.

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