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| | Comments (0) not a certain "brand-name" in your cup. No sir, contrary to what that catchy little jingle might want us to believe, commercial coffee is truly awful - I can tolerate it during an emergency, but much prefer a java that has been carefully and painstakingly roasted by a local entity.

You may recall my extreme fondness for Berres Brothers Coffee, which is a local roaster/purveyor of some mighty darn good coffee. They're based out of Watertown, WI, and if you haven't yet tried their offerings, do yourself a huge favor and go buy some. I'd recommend the Highlander Grogg and the House Blend. Both are absolutely fantastic.

So I didn't think I'd be able to find a better coffee than what the good brothers had to offer, and that was fine by me. But over this past weekend, I stumbled across another local roaster by way (of all things) of a small beer tasting that was held to benefit local arthritis research foundations.

I served as the designated driver for a group of friends from work for the "Festiv-Ale" event, which was held in Monona this past Saturday. While there, I drank my fair share of diet coke and water, but I also discovered some truly stellar coffees from Just Coffee Cooperative.

They were invited to serve coffee at the event, and they brought along two brews: Bike Fuel and Revolution Roast. This little shop carefully air roasts all of its fair-trade, organic, small farm grown coffee right here in Madison, on East Wilson Street, and man, they do a great job. The Bike Fuel was phenomenal - unreal with how delicious it was. I must have downed 5-6 cups of the stuff in less than an hour.

After a few trips back to the coffee pot, I started talking with Josh, one of the company reps, and he happily shared info about their business, their philosophy, and their mission, and I really liked what they do. They try to be 100% transparent with their business and focus on treating everyone fairly - from the grower, to the importer, to their employees, and to their customers. That's an idea that I can stand behind and support.

So support I did - I went to the local grocery store, located their coffees, and bought a few:


Truth be told, I bought the Bike Fuel on Saturday night, and have been drinking it nearly non-stop ever since. So, earlier tonight, I returned to the grocery store and re-filled my stock, while adding a few new flavors to try. I can't wait to sample them all!

Each package features some of that transparency that Just Coffee tries so hard to promote - what other coffee vendor/roaster/seller shows you this type of detail?


I'm digging the closely controlled supply chain that's as direct as possible, and I appreciate the detail about where each dollar goes along the way. I'm also really digging the coffee itself. If you're looking for a truly tasty cup of coffee that boasts some of the highest quality, direct from the small farmer, organically grown, locally roasted flavor, give Just Coffee a try.

Now the real trick will be trying to balance my two coffee loves - both the Berres and Just Coffee are really "one of a kind" in terms of quality and flavor, and both are quite honestly the best coffees I've ever had, so how do I decide which one to brew each morning? I guess that's a nice dilemma to face, and should make the mornings a bit more tolerable.

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