Well, that was groovy.

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In all honesty and complete transparency, I have never once tried any type of "controlled substance" (other than beer, wine, and a few very select alcohols like Tequila and Scotch), nor have I ever tried a single cigarette. The idea of trying any of those items has never interested or appealed to me - I suspect my core group of childhood friends (Matt, Andy, and Dan) played a large role in that, since to the best of my knowledge, none of them have tried smoking or anything illegal.

I realize that's hard for many people to understand, but it's 100% true - smoking grosses me out (I can't stand the smell of it in any amount), and any type of drug use just seems completely dumb to me... heck, when I was in the hospital for a terrible infection back in 1998 and the doctors prescribed a morphine drip, I refused to use it other than one time - I'm partially too afraid of, and mostly not interested in any "mind altering" substances like that.

So, I was shocked by the weird feeling that I experienced today - one that came at a most unexpected time and place. I had left work a little early to run an errand, and then headed out for my "usual" run (6.7-mile loop).

As I neared the end of the loop, I noticed that my hearing was starting to act really funky. I thought my headphones were acting up, so I wiggled the connections and restarted my iPod Shuffle - no luck. Things were still funky. I couldn't really hear from one ear, and in the other ear, I heard the sound of the ocean.

I'd experienced similar sensations a few weeks ago while running; became light-headed and passed out. I suspected this might be the case again. I slowed, and noticed that it felt like my legs were still going at full steam ahead - that was new - and then I felt super-extremely light-headed. Ok, looked like I was going to take a dive again.

I stopped running and sat down, and the next thing I heard was a whooshing/rushing noise, followed by what I believe was the jingle for Old Spice commercials - that short and catchy whistled tune. I felt really light - like my arms, stomach, legs - body - could float, followed by a total euphoric, painless, feeling. I think I said, "Wow" out loud. I suspect the feelings were similar to those of a "high" - for a split second, it felt cool, but upon reflection, it was weird and scary - not something I'd want to experience again.

And then, next thing I knew, I was on my side, and I felt really heavy. It was a struggle to move my arms or legs, and rolling onto my back was difficult - it was if I didn't have any type of orientation or awareness of my position on the ground. It was a very unpleasant, and non-euphoric feeling... I've had maybe 2-3 hangovers in my life, and this felt like a doozy of one, sans the imbibing.

A lady approached me (she was walking a small dog - a dacschound, I think) and asked if I was ok. I told her I think I overdid my running, and needed a break, but all was ok.

She said she would call an ambulance, but I declined. I sat up and immediately felt a throbbing headache. I assured her I was fine, and she said, "Well, ok, you know best I suppose," and she kept walking.

I laid back down for a minute, reached into my Spi Belt, grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of myself on my back. Why, I'm not sure - I felt so weird; I'm surprised I was able to operate my phone...

Here I am, about 5 minutes after the experience:


I'm glad that I got a set of Road ID bands; they're reflective, velcro ID tags that have my name, location, and emergency contact phone details. Had I been "out" for much longer, I suppose they would've come in handy. Here's a shot of my leg, with the Road ID on it:


Thankfully, I was about a mile from the apartment, so once back on my feet, I walked back to the apartment, drank a boatload of water, downed an electrolyte tablet, and ate a Clif Bar. I suspect I was dehydrated and underfed... I've been trying super hard to cut some of the last bits of fat on the 'ole gut, and may have under-calculated my caloric needs.

After my massage yesterday, I wasn't hungry at all; I did make an excellent turkey burger, stuffed with garlic and minced onions, and topped with roasted bacon, salsa, and onion in a cabernet reduction:


It was tasty, but apparently didn't have enough calories for the bod. After the massage and dinner, I hit the hay - I was exhausted, and fell asleep by 7:30pm. A good massage will do that, I guess! This morning, I had my usual breakfast of 3 egg whites, 1 piece of bacon, 1 cup of spinach, and 1/2-cup of black beans. For lunch, it was 1-cup of Fiber One and 30g of Tera's Whey Goat-based protein. And then I went out for the run. I'll have to bump up the calories a bit, I suppose.

The good news is that I didn't fall unexpectedly like I did a few weeks ago on the ice and with the first fainting... and, the headache is going away - I took some ibuprofen with my Clif bar, and am feeling pretty good.

I had to share the experience; partially for benefit of "lessons learned," and partially because I thought it was odd... plus it beats my usual "I did this" or "I had this fish fry" entries that seem to be dominating the blog as of late. :-)

I'll be cleaning the apartment tonight, lifting weights, and then hitting the hay early.

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