Growing tired of AT&T and poor service

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I'm about at my limit for tolerating AT&T's awful cellular service. Yes, I love the iPhone, and would be hard-pressed to give it up for anything else, but AT&T's service is so dreadful that I may have to switch carriers (Verizon is no better in this area).

Here's an example of how a typical day goes for me with respect to coverage:

1. I will miss several phone calls, text messages, and/or e-mails. Eventually, someone will contact me to ask if I received their message, to which I reply, "Nope - had no idea you were trying to contact me."

2. I will check my phone, and this is what I experience - all while sitting in the same exact spot within my workplace:

I'll start with full 3G coverage, as shown here:


And then, within 10-15 seconds, I'll lose 3G coverage and drop to EDGE coverage (slower, but can still support data transfer):


And then, within 10-15 seconds again, I'll lose all data service, as shown here. When that happens, I lose my capability to: text, e-mail, browse the web, access voicemail, or receive alerts.


Terribly frustrating, especially because I'm not moving while this happens, and I'm not holding the phone. One of my co-workers has a non-iPhone AT&T device and has the exact same problem, so it's clearly a network issue, and not an iPhone issue... So frustrating. Especially when my AT&T cell service costs $170/month.

US Cellular has awesome coverage, but crummy phones - do I go with great service and a bad phone, or bad service with a great phone? What if I could have both a great phone and great service (like I did in Arkansas... AT&T is flawless there for some reason)?

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