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Quick update on the 'ole Achilles. I took a full 7 days off from running and only did very minimal, light duty riding during those seven days. It was making me absolutely mental to not be able to do much of anything... as burned out as I thought I was on running and working out, I felt like such a slug by not running/riding that I wanted nothing more than to be able to walk, run, and ride like "normal."

But every time I tried to do anything the least bit stressful (fast walking, climbing stairs, etc), my Achilles would burn and hurt like crazy. The best approach was going to be to continue to take it easy. Sigh.

And then, three days ago, I read about some Achilles treatments that included compression socks and Rock Tape. Some fellow triathletes had posted information on one of my tri message boards, so I rounded-up some Rock Tape, donned my compression socks, and continued to take it easy.

After day one, the results were astounding - my Achilles didn't hurt while walking or climbing stairs. So, I went for an 18-mile bike ride on day two, and... no pain. None.

So today, I went for a run, and while I felt a bit "tentative," the pain and tenderness wasn't anywhere near as bad as it had been last week. I only ran 1.25 miles, but man, did it feel good. Never thought I'd hear myself say that again. :-)

My plan is to keep the running light until there's absolutely no pain or discomfort at all. I figure a 1.25 - 1.50 mile easy run 4-5 times per week should be good, but I'll adjust as necessary.

Here's a picture of the Rock Tape "in action":


It's a stretchy, cotton-based tape with a super-sticky adhesive, and it's designed specifically to help treat joint and tendon injuries. The theory is that the tape lifts the skin away from the affected area, which promotes blood flow. Your blood carries oxygen and nutrients, and helps heal an injured area. Tendons and joints aren't serviced by many capillaries, so there's not a lot of blood available to repair the area. The Rock Tape provides stability, support, and promotes blood flow to the affected area. I thought it was a load of hooey, but it really does seem to work. It also comes in cool patterns (I went with the cow pattern). :-)

And here are the compression socks - I've been in love with these for a long time, but today I feel they're worth their weight in gold. Such a great recovery tool:


Yeah, they look funny, but they work. So, here's to the continued recovery; I'm hoping to be able to go for a 30-ish mile ride tomorrow morning (weather permitting), followed by a 1.25 - 1.30 mile run. I've got to do something to try and get my running volume back on track...

And in other news from this week, I mentioned that I've been riding the Capital Brewery bike rides; I was only able to ride on Thursday of this week (because of the Achilles), but man, what a great day it was for a ride. Weather was stellar - low 70s, no wind, sunny, and completely comfortable. I was tasked with leading the "Short Pour" tour group because the normal ride leader was out of town. So, we rode a nice 18-mile ride and had a great time.

After the ride, the crews normally order pizza or burritos and then drink some glorious Capital Brewery offerings in the outdoor Bier Garten while socializing. I knew that if I hung around, I'd quickly fall off my diet wagon, so I opted to ride over to the local Willy Street Co-Op store and make myself a fresh little salad.

Here I am, after the ride, enjoying the great outdoors (Willy Street has an outdoor eating/sitting area as well):


If you look closely, you can see my bike in the background and the top "flap" of my salad container. The Co-Op has a wonderful salad bar that includes a ton of fresh, hand-cut, locally grown, organic veggies and three types of protein - organic oven roasted chicken, organic locally grown ham, and organic oven roasted turkey. I opted for the chicken with a few pieces of ham for good measure. I topped it all with some Sriracha sauce (Thai chili sauce - nice and spicy and only 5 calories), and washed it down with an unsweetened green tea. Yum.


After 5 solid days of eating extremely clean, I feel good. It's amazing how great I feel when I'm sticking with the diet... why I cheat and eat crap when it makes me feel like crap remains a mystery... I need to remember how good my body feels when I'm feeding it with the proper goods.

So, if the weather holds tomorrow, I'll be riding, running, moving, and working on the new house. Should be a good day! Oh wait - isn't tomorrow supposed to be the rapture? Well, that would stink...

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