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Weekend Update.

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I swear I'm getting very close to posting pictures of the new pad - it'll probably be next weekend when I have everything in place and worthy of presentation. I've got a few small tasks to complete first (mount TV in bedroom and update faucet in spare bathroom) - then it'll be picture/tour time.

With that little primer, you'd be correct to assume that I've been working my tail off at the new place. In the past few weeks, I have: replaced most of the overhead lighting fixtures, replaced all of the bathroom hardware and faucet (soon to be faucets) (including lighting), installed a new ceiling fan in the master bedroom, mounted the TV and soundbar in the living room, installed LED lighting around the back deck, organized everything imaginable (kitchen, pantry, linen closets, etc), installed a subwoofer in the living room, put together a new headboard/footboard, put together a kitchen table and 4 chairs, and a few other things that I'm surely forgetting... I also bought a loveseat and a recliner - both are nice additions.

I still need to find a sofa table and a console table for my entryway, but other than that, I think everything is just about set. Whew.

In addition to running myself ragged around the new place, I rode a 30+ mile bike ride on Saturday to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research and followed it up with a 6 mile run (the Achilles is feeling nearly 100%). While transitioning between the ride and run, I spotted what I thought/felt was something really amazing - I saw a single ant dragging a dead worm across the parking lot of my workplace.

Why was it amazing? The little guy was so determined; the worm was easily 6-times his size, yet there he was, pulling and dragging it across the bumpy lot without fail. He'd stop every few feet, run around a bit, and then get right back after it. Call me crazy, but it was a little inspiring. The pavement had to be 90F (it was nearly 80F and super sunny outside)... who knows where he started dragging that thing from or how far he had to go?

I watched him for a minute - I found myself cheering for him, almost wanting to help him out, but I figured if I did anything like that, he'd give up and take off. So I just observed. And, I filmed him for a bit - if you're as easily intrigued as I am, feel free to take a look at this 1 minute video from the phone (if you don't see a "Play" button, just double-click on the image and the video will start):

Edit: apparently Internet Explorer doesn't understand the HTML for embedded video, so here's a direct link to the video for download.

I was finished riding, running, and ant watching by 2pm, so I headed to the house, made a nice lunch and then went to my first Mallards game of the season. I joined my aunt, my cousin, and my cousin's nephew for a beautiful evening of baseball and wonderful conversation.

The game was completely sold out by the time we arrived; our only options were to purchase a $5 "standing room" seat, or a $32 Duck Blind (all you can eat/drink while standing in Right Field) ticket. We opted for the standing room seat and by the beginning of the third inning, had scored some awesome seats on the first base line.

One of the ushers told us that if no one claimed the handicapped seating by the third inning that we could help ourselves to a seat. No one needed the seats, so we took advantage of the offer, and wound-up with these incredible seats:


Not bad for five bucks, eh?? I was an especially cheap date, as I've been determined to stick to clean eating for a full month, so I had two bottles of Diet Pepsi, and that was it. No beers, no brats, no curds... it was insanely tempting to indulge, but I didn't.

The game ended by 9:00pm, and I was home and in bed by 10. Woke-up early this morning, went for another 30-mile ride, followed by a shorter run of 3-miles (recovery run). Then I hit Menards for some house stuff and spent the rest of the day working around the house.

I guess that's it for now... nothing terribly exciting. Stay tuned for some home pics!

Tag, I'm it.

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Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. WIth as absolutely friggin' terrible as Madison drivers are, I knew I'd eventually have an incident while on the road. And my time came yesterday at lunch.

With my achilles tendon growing better by the day, I've been increasing my run distances slowly but surely. I've also given-up on waking up early to go run during the week - I'm just not a morning person, and I can't bring myself to consistently rise and run by 6:30am each day. So, I usually run during my lunch hour, which means I have to venture out in the downtown Middleton area.

Yesterday's weather was absolutely beautiful - mid 70s, light breeze, sunny and mild. A perfect day for running. I was about 3.5 miles into my route when I approached an area that has several restaurants, which means there are several driveways/entrances to parking lots. I've mapped my route so that I never run "with" traffic - I'm always running "against" it, so that I can better see people as they turn into and out of driveways and intersections.

So imagine my surprise when I suddenly felt like I had been tackled from behind and scooped up onto a hard surface. One second I was running, the next I was hitting something hard. My left hand went instinctively behind me to help catch my fall and I heard a "crunch" followed by a horn honk.

It scared the living daylights out of me, and I sprung straight up. I had been hit from behind by a car that was turning left into the entrance of a restaurant's parking lot - see the diagram of what happened:


The car didn't knock me down - it scooped me onto the hood (partially). When I sprung up, I spun around and saw a lady in a white Kia sedan on her phone. I gave her a "what the heck just happened???" type of look as I got out of the way. Once clear of her car, I stopped and stared at her and said, "What the hell are you doing?!"

She was on her phone, and much to my surprise, she honked at me again and then took off, honking her horn the whole time. As she sped off, I took a swing at the side of her car with my fist, and managed to get a solid hit in the left rear corner.

I couldn't believe what happened. I also can't believe that I wasn't aware enough to get her license plate or anything - in fact, I'm not even 100% positive it was a Kia sedan. Everything happened so quickly; it was an unbelievable experience. Thankfully, the only bad things that happened were my left palm is nice and bruised from hitting the hood:


And I've got a small, perfectly circular cut in my leg, near the back of my knee from what I assume was a license plate bolt. I'm guessing that's where the car first hit me from behind. How I was "scooped up" is beyond me - I probably should've been knocked down... I can only assume that she wasn't going more than 3-4 miles per hour because there's nothing else that hurts or shows any injury.

My co-workers laughed at me when I went back to work yesterday and sat at my desk like nothing was wrong. My boss even said, "So wait - you just got hit my a car, and here you are sitting at work?" Yeah, I guess so. :-)

I did also do the Capital bike ride last night, and was pleased to be surrounded by a bunch of friends from work and some really cool dogs. One of my project team members did the ride last night and then brought her dog, Piper to say hello. Here's Piper (he's a 3-year old Visla):


And here's Piper with his owner, Carrie (my project team member) - she's an organizational readiness analyst who has helped us with communications and organizational change management for one of my really big projects:


And then there were these two random buddies - a cute greyhound named "Nola" and an awesome Neopolitan Mastiff named "Madison." They were super sweeties.



According to their owners, Nola got her name because she was rescued from New Orleans, Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina; and Madison is a 6-year old, 200-pounder. Crazy!

Updates coming soon

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Hi folks - thanks for the e-mails and texts; all is well, just super busy trying to get settled-in at the new house. I'll post pictures and updates very soon.

In the meantime, here's a picture of my dining companion, keeping a keen eye on me (well, mostly my plate)...


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