The new house (finally!)

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Ok, Ok - I apologize a million-times over for taking so long to post pictures and details of the new place. It's unlike me to have been in a new house for 2 months and to not have posted any real information about it, but I've been super busy with updating the new pad, along with everything else...

So, without any further ado, here's the new pad. It's located in the Madison area - I have less than a 10 minute drive to work each day, which is really nice. I had posted a picture of the outside in an earlier entry, so I'll re-post that picture here (all other pictures are "current" as of today):


As you can see, it's an older ranch-style house. It has a nice-sized yard (it takes about an hour to mow in total), but doesn't have much by way of landscaping... I believe the neighborhood suffered some type of tree sickness, as it appears that a majority of the yards have recently lost very large trees. My backyard has three bare areas that I'm guessing once hosted some large trees; now there are only remnants - ground-up stumps and dead grass.

There's a nice deck on the back; it's not huge, but it holds my grille and patio table without any troubles. I also mounted some LED rope lights around the perimeter of the deck - it adds a nice amount of light at night, along with some ambiance.

Inside, the house has a very distinct 70s look and feel; there's lots of dark-wood trim, harvest gold kitchen counter (and wallpaper), and plenty of shag carpet. But, it beats an apartment, and I've been slowly but surely updating the interior.

When you walk-in through the front door, you enter into the living room:


You can see the TV and soundbar are mounted; the new subwoofer rests in the corner. I bought the matching loveseat to my couch, along with a leather recliner and ottoman. Here's another view of the living room, from the dining/hall area:


You can see the large window - it's a huge picture window, which (along with all of the other windows in the house) was replaced a year ago with fiberglass, double-pane, gas-filled energy efficient windows. They're super nice - quiet, cool, and great.

From the living room, you walk into the dining room, which has my new pub-height table. The table measures 42"x54" and expands to 54"x54" (it has a built-in leaf system).


You can see some of the deck and backyard, along with my new light fixture. I pulled down a dingy old (and noisy) ceiling fan and replaced it with an oil-rubbed bronze fixture. Here's another shot of the dining room (from the kitchen):


And speaking of the kitchen, here it is, in all of its golden-rod/harvest gold beauty... the cabinets are the classic dark wood deals as well, but they offer a ton of storage space:


All of the appliances were literally brand new when I moved-in; the refrigerator still had all of the styrofoam blocks inside of it, the dishwasher had the sample pack of detergent hanging from the rack, and the stove looked as if it had never been used. So, while it's dated, it's in great shape.

On the back side of the kitchen is a large laundry/mud room, complete with a utility sink and a ton of storage space (a full closet and another cabinet):


Here's a view from the other side of the laundry room. I'm not sure why they put in a stacked washer/dryer - there's plenty of room for two separate units. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, right?


The garage is located just behind the laundry room, and is huge - it's an extra-deep, 2+ car garage, complete with an epoxied floor:


Back inside the house, there's a hallway that runs just off from the living room/dining room area. There's a linen closet in the hallway, just across from the spare bathroom, which looks like this:


The bathroom has a full-sized shower/tub, which is nice. I replaced all of the hardware (towel bars, lighting and faucets) with oil-rubbed bronze units. I'll show some before/after pictures at the end of this entry.

Across from the bathroom is one of the bedrooms. This one is completely stuck in the 70s - the carpet is shag; the window shades are gold, and the light fixture is an awesome fishbowl-looking unit. But, the room houses my biking gear and I'm sure it doesn't care how new/old the carpet and hardware is. :-)


At the end of the hall are two bedroom doors - one is for the guest room (again, classic 70s window coverings, shag carpet, old ceiling fan):


And on the opposite side of the hallway is the master bedroom:


I updated the ceiling fan in the master bedroom with a new Hunter fan, complete with a remote control. I also mounted my smaller television to help clean-up the look-and-feel. You can see my clothes-drying rack, complete with workout gear (shirts, shorts, riding bibs, etc):


As you can sort of tell from the last picture, there's a bathroom off the master bedroom. It's slightly smaller than the hallway bathroom; it has a walk-in shower and a small vanity:


I installed the floating shelf and also replaced all of the hardware (towel bars, lighting, and faucets). Here's a picture looking "out" of the bathroom - you can sort of see the new light fixture and faucet, both of which are brushed nickel:


And last but not least, there's the large basement. You've got to love ranch-style houses... they all have these massive basements, and while this one is unfinished, it's no slouch. They epoxied the floor and walls, so it's really easy to clean and take care of. It has a bunch of built-in storage under the stairwell, but I didn't take photos of that.


And there you have it! That's the new house, in most of its glory. I've got plans to replace the ceiling fan and lighting in the spare rooms, and at some point I'll pull down the wallpaper, but that's about all that remains on my "to do" list. Whew!

I'm having a house-warming party with my co-workers later this week - it should be a good time. I'll be eating "clean" and won't be imbibing - as I mentioned earlier, my pants are fitting quite snug at the moment thanks to the debaucherous weekend with my friend from Arkansas... :-)

Oh - and here are the before/after photos that I took of various items. Here's what the dining room fixtures looked like before and after:


And the master bedroom ceiling fan:


Here's the bathroom towel bars before/after:


Check out the awesome "hanging chain" lights that I replaced in the spare bathroom:


And finally, here's a sample of the hallway/entrance lights that were replaced:


Not bad, eh? All told, I replaced:

2 ceiling fans
7 light assemblies
3 faucet/drain assemblies
7 towel bar/towel hanger assemblies
23 light switches and plates
28 electrical receptacles and plates
2 smoke detectors


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