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I've been listening to talk radio lately, and I've discovered a common theme... if you want to really emphasize your point (often when you personally have been "put out" or "wronged"), there's nothing like using your kid as a pawn to support your hurt feelings.

Case in point - this morning, some guy called-in to a local talk show to complain about a poor experience with a local store. He went on-and-on about how the service was so poor, and the people were so rude, and then he said, "...and worst of all, I had my 7-year old daughter with me!"

He did what I refer to as "the double down" - include not only a reference to your child, but emphasize the age for extra "kick."

I'm pretty sure that this guy's daughter - excuse me - 7-year old daughter - didn't give two hoots about how the local cashier rolled her eyes when Dad pulled out a checkbook and held-up the entire line when he couldn't produce a driver's license to go along with it...


Who the heck cares if your kid is nearby when you experience some inconvenience? And who cares if your kid hears someone curse? I'm almost positive that by the time I was six or seven, I had heard every single curse word imaginable, thanks to my schoolmates and fellow bus riders... you're living in a fantasy world if you think otherwise.

I also get a kick out of people who try to weasel extra treatment out of a situation by leveraging their kids... one final example, and then I'm off to mow the lawn.

I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago (this is what caused me to pay attention to the kid-positioning in situations), and I was waiting in-line for a donut (this was while I was on my out-of-control-sugar-binge). The guy in front of me has his turn to pick a donut, and he says, "Yeah, uh, give me, uh, hmm. Give me two of the chocolate cream filled, and one of the blueberry cake."

The lady behind the case says, "Oh, I'm sorry - we're out of blueberry. Is there something else you'd like?"

"You're out of blueberry?" he asks to confirm.

"We ran out by noon, those frycakes were popular today, I guess," she says.

"What kind is that?" he asks as he points to the pumpkin cake donuts. "That's blueberry, right?"

"No sir, those are pumpkin. It's a pumpkin cake donut with cinnamon and sugar."

"Well, that's great. That's just GREAT. My son, who is home sick right now, wanted a blueberry donut. You don't have ANY?" - he's getting angry.

"No sir, we don't, is there another kind he'd like? How about the pumpkin? Or Cherry?"


"I don't know, we just did. I'm going to have to help some other people here," she says. I could tell that she was a "veteran" of the bakery - she smiled a lot and looked like your typical friendly baker - but she was likely becoming a bit intimidated.

"You know what? I don't want any of your donuts! I'll just go to Kwik Trip!"

And he turned to storm away... I was smiling extra big - what a jerk that dude was. He looked at me and asked what was so funny, and I said, "Just happy that I came in early to get my blueberry donut earlier this morning."

"F@&*#K you," he mutters with a glare and storms away.

Of course, I didn't stop-in earlier for a donut, but really... it's a donut. And it probably wasn't even for his "sick kid."

The lady gave me 2-for-1 on my donuts, which I took full advantage of... 2 pumpkin donuts, 2 whipped-filled, and 2 old fashioned sour cream. I told you I was on a binge. At least it only cost me $2.10, and I didn't have to pull-in a kid for guilt... :-)

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