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There's not much going on in terms of excitement for me these days, but it's no excuse to ignore the blog for two weeks... so, here's a collection of random things and updates. There's no real rhyme or reason to them, so apologies in advance for the lack of substance and/or continuity.

Concerts, continued

I guess I've been in a musical mood lately because in the past month, I've gone to two concerts and saw a documentary about a rock band. You'll recall from an earlier post that I had a chance to see Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary concert at Alpine Valley. That was an excellent show - really top notch.

So, when I learned that another good band (although still an up-and-comer) was going to be in town for a "low dough show" courtesy of a local radio station, I jumped at the chance. For $9.41, I was able to score a ticket to see Middle Class Rut play at the Majestic Theater in Madison. Middle Class Rut is a 2-piece group (guitarist and drummer) from Sacramento, California - you may recall that I saw them at Summerfest earlier this year, and enjoyed their show.

The concert was general admission, so I was shocked to find myself near the front of the stage - here's a picture from the show:


They only played for about 45 minutes or so, but as was the case with Summerfest, they played a solid set. There were two opening acts; Ume and some other group whose name I forget... neither were that stellar but for $10, I'm not complaining. :-)

And then earlier this week, I went to the gorgeous Oriental Theater in Milwaukee to watch a one-night-only documentary about Pearl Jam, titled "PJ20." I went with my boss and we had a blast - the documentary was absolutely fantastic and super interesting - it showed a ton of early and behind-the-scenes footage, complete with in-depth interviews and a lot of home video.

It was even more amazing because the movie only aired for one day (9/20), and it won't be available on DVD for a few months. I'm so glad I had a chance to go see it, and if you haven't been there before, take some time to check out the Oriental Theater in Milwaukee - it's really a cool movie theater.

Helping the Humane Society

We were at a local watering hole a few weeks ago when we spied some interesting wristbands that featured a Pabst Blue Ribbon logo. My boss is a huge fan of PBR (nostalgia, I guess?) and he asked one of the bartenders about the bands. She explained that Pabst was teaming up with Humane Societies across the United States in an effort to do fundraising and to raise awareness for homeless animals. For a $1 donation, you received a wristband and you got to put your name on a card that would then be hung-up at the bar.

We both donated a fair chunk of change and scored some wristbands. Great idea, great cause, great program, and an OK beverage (give me a New Glarus brew over PBR any day).


Blender blues

You've heard me rave about my Vitamix blender - the thing is an absolute beast. I've literally boiled water with it, simply by cranking-up the blender speed to "HIGH." Unfortunately, it's not immune to user error...

Having gained nearly 20-lbs over the past few months (chalk it up to really poor eating and a lack of desire to do any serious exercise), I was desperate to "reset" my diet and get back the urge to eat well and exercise. I'd fallen into a funk of sorts and just felt like exercising and eating clean were useless and dumb. I had no energy, no ambition, and no interest in doing any type of running - as such, my daily mileages dropped from 6+ miles to 4+ miles to 2 miles... ugh. It's no wonder I packed-on the pounds.

So, I watched a movie called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and learned about the benefits of doing a juice fast. I decided that may be the bump my body needed to get back on track. So, I broke out the Vitamix and went about juicing kale, cucumber, spinach, celery, and apples for every meal.

About 3 days in, as I was making "dinner," I failed to use enough water in the Vitamix. As a result, my half-of-an-apple became trapped in the corner of the Vitamix container. I used the tamper to try and break the apple away from the corner; I grew impatient so I really jammed the tamper into the container. And that's when things got ugly.

The blades, spinning at nearly 38,000 rpm thanks to the 2.25-hp motor, grabbed the tamper, which sucked the tamper into the blender container and caused a major imbalance issue. The container spun around and became wedged between the drive gear and the base pad. Plastic bits spewed everywhere; smoke poured out from the machine, and my stomach sank. After removing the pitcher from the Vitamix, I assessed the damage:


The drive button assembly looks to have gotten burned-up and knocked out-of-center. I called Vitamix the next day and they promptly mailed me a new drive button. They said it's a common incident and that it was easy to repair. They also sent me a complimentary tamper to replace the one that had been minced into a million pieces... what a great company!

In the interim, I've stopped the juice fast and am eating a "clean" diet of lean protein (140g per day) and unlimited vegetables. Grains/starches/processed foods are absent from the diet. I'm hoping that after 30-45 days of this, I'll be back to the weight that I should be.

And finally, breakfast for dinner

Today was a busy day... I rode and ran this morning, took a shower, ate lunch (pork tenderloin with brussels sprouts and a tomato), went grocery shopping, bought cat food, and completely cleaned the house. I also did a load of laundry and finally finished organizing the garage. When it came time for dinner, I didn't feel like chicken or pork, so I opted for one of my favorite meals - breakfast.


Is there anything better than having breakfast for dinner? Am I crazy for loving it?

That's 5 egg whites, 3oz of fresh spinach, 3oz of portabella mushrooms, and 1/2-cup of diced bell peppers and onion, with a tablespoon of Thai chili paste for a little heat. 175 calories, 15g of carbs, 1g of sugar, 8g of fiber, and 30g of protein.

And it's filling - I enjoyed that while watching the end of the Packers game (around 5:45pm), and I still feel stuffed. I'll probably drink a goat whey protein shake right before bed (110 calories, 24g protein, no sugar or carbs), but it'll depend on how full I still feel.

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