Changing-up the workouts


I don't think it's any secret that I've been in a workout rut for the past few months - I've lost all (and I mean all) motivation to run and/or ride... I can barely crank out 2-3 hours on the bike per week, and I'm lucky to run 3 miles every other day. I'm just so bored, frustrated, and sick of riding/running...

So, I figured I would try some new things. My boss uses "TRX" straps at his gym and really seems to like them, so I ordered a set for myself from, along with a Bosu ball.

Both items are designed to leverage your bodyweight and instability to provide a challenging, portable workout with minimal equipment. I watched a ton of videos online about TRX and Bosu training routines and found 6-8 exercises that seemed intriguing. The items arrived last week and I set them up in the basement:


And I'm pleased/shocked/surprised to say they're both pretty impressive items. The Jungle Gym straps are sweet - I do incline "push-ups" with them, rows, curls, pull-ups, and squats - all with my bodyweight providing resistance. I tried doing some "raised leg lunges" with the straps, but holy cow - talk about impossible. I'll have to improve my core strength before I try those again...

The Bosu ball is cool because it can be used upright (as shown in the photo above) to do exercises like crunches, stability work, push-ups, and other core work, all of which is extremely challenging when you introduce the Bosu ball. I laugh each time I try something new on it, simply because of how difficult it is to be smooth/fluid/balanced on that thing.

You can also flip the Bosu ball "upside down" as shown here, and stand on the platform while doing things like squats and lunges.


Thank goodness the basement has those poles and that big I-beam; both work really well for these exercises - I hang the straps from the I-beam and use the pole to assist with stepping on/off the Bosu ball.

25 minutes of reps on the Bosu and straps burns nearly 300 calories; I keep my pace up, and don't rest between sets. Combine that with some running and some biking, and maybe I'll be able to keep myself from packing on the holiday pounds. Although, in the long run, I've really got to find my motivation to get on a regular run/ride schedule...

And, in other news, I did another transport last week, although my cargo was rather small. I hauled a few Chihuahuas for one of the volunteer rescue groups. I'm really digging those little guys - they're so small and sweet. Here they are conked out in the back of the car:


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