Merry Christmas to Me


While I'm not big on the holiday season, I am thrilled with this year's Christmas gift. Meet the newest addition to the crew: FiFi


FiFi is a five-year-old female Chihuahua that came to me by way of The Bella Vista Animal Shelter. She has an interesting history, albeit a bit sad.

Her "human mom" had to move into a shelter for battered women, and when she did that, the Bella Vista Animal Shelter (BVAS) took-in FiFi with an agreement that they would take care of her for 30-days. The woman got out of the shelter and picked-up Fifi. A few weeks later, the woman called the BVAS to see if she could surrender FiFi, as (in her words) "FiFi tries to bite the baby."

It's not clear whose baby FiFi was trying to bite, but the BVAS agreed to take FiFi. And so, FiFi entered into shelter care, sometime in October of 2011.

I had been considering a Chihuahua for quite some time - ever since I met Zeus (scroll to the end of the entry, and you'll see him). I didn't want to rush into anything, as I'm not around the house as often as I'd like to be, and I wanted to make sure I could adopt an older dog with the right personality.

I was browsing Petfinder, looking at Chihuahuas and MinPins, when I stumbled across a few dogs that really piqued my interest. As luck would have it, FiFi was located at the BVAS - imagine that!

So, when I went down to the house for Thanksgiving, I took the opportunity to meet FiFi, and, well, I fell for her. How could you not?


I brought her home, and she's doing great. She loves to snuggle - she'll happily sit on your lap all night, and loves to crawl under any available blanket. In the car, she rides like a champ, and she's 100% house-trained - it's such a dream. It is funny to see her next to the cats; she weighs less than 5-lbs... Shiloh weighs 11-lbs, and Mack weighs 15-lbs... FiFi is literally 50% the size of the cats! And compared to Monica (our Great Dane), FiFi weighs about 5% of what Monica does.

FiFi eats 1/8 of a cup of food in the morning, and 1/8 of a cup at night. A 5-lb bag of food will likely last 6-7 weeks (compared to burning through 100-lbs of food when we had 2 Danes, 1 Boxer-mix, and 1 Whippet). It's unreal how little she eats, but I have to remember that she's about 4.5-lbs at the most...

She's not really a fan of the cold weather... I bought her a few sweaters, which have helped, but she'd much rather run out, do her business, and run back into the house. Once she gets into the house after being outside, she likes to race around at about 100 miles per hour, jumping on and off of the couches like a maniac.

She also likes to sit on top of the couch and look out the window:


I forgot how nice it is to have a dog in the house. She's thrilled when you come home from work (or running, or the store, or taking the garbage out), yet she calms right down and rolls into a ball on your lap. I like taking her out for walks (they're short, but it's still a walk), and with any luck, I'll teach her a few new tricks (she knows how to sit).

So, there you have it - FiFi, the newest addition. Merry Christmas to me.


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