Fish Fry Review: RP Adler's (March 2012)


I was on a terror last week - I ate bad nearly every day, and I barely did any running or riding... so, when Friday rolled around, the only thing on my mind was fish. My friend Chris (from work) suggested we hit RP Adler's for their fish fry, and truth be told, I was a bit apprehensive... my last visit to RP's wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Little did I know that RP's fish has really come a long way since the last visit some two years ago.

We arrived to Adler's at around 5:00pm on a Friday night and quickly scored a table in the bar area. A very friendly waitress stopped by to take our drink orders - a New Glarus Cabin Fever for me, and a Spotted Cow for Chris. She also dropped a pair of menus and informed us that the happy hour would end in a few minutes.

We browsed the menu, but not for entree options - Chris was in the mood for an appetizer, and who was I to resist? He went with the bruschetta; I opted for nothing.

Within a few minutes the bruschetta arrived, and I must say that upon first glance it didn't inspire confidence... the bread was bleach-white, barely toasted, and uninspiring. I had envisioned a golden brown, nicely toasted, cut-on-the-bias loaf of french bread, rubbed with garlic.

The accompanying tomato/basil/mozzarella mix looked pale and drab as well. But despite the appearance, the bruschetta was tasty - I sampled a piece and was surprised by how flavorful the dish was.

We nibbled on the Italian appetizer while enjoying our microbrews, and before I knew it, an hour-and-a-half had gone by. The place had filled-up; it was literally standing room only. At the next opportunity, we placed our dinner orders - I opted for the bluegill, Chris the lake perch. Our waitress hit the kitchen, order in hand.

When the fish arrived, I was thrilled with what I saw. The bluegill plate featured several pieces of the petite, freshwater fish. The lake perch plate boasted thick, meaty cuts of fish, covered in a delicious looking batter. My salivary glands went immediately into code red status - man the battle stations!

Here's what the bluegill plate looked like:


Friends, that is a heaping helping of bluegill! And I'm happy to report the quality surpassed the quantity - the bluegill had an incredibly delicate flavor that received a slight boost from the breading. The breading appeared to be made from a cornmeal base, and featured a salty and slightly peppery accent. The fish was firm, perfectly chewy, and simply delectable.

The boiled baby reds were a nice option, and were served in a perfect quantity. Preceding the fish was RP's customary pretzel roll, which really hit the spot as we waited for the fish to arrive.

I cannot recommend the RP Adler's bluegill enough - it was superb.

Here's what the lake perch looked like:


Just like the bluegill plate, the perch plate was packed with fish. The batter was obviously beer-based and it clung to the perch with a pit bull-like tenacity. The batter was crispy, delicious, and perfectly proportioned. The perch was absolutely top-notch - perfectly chewy and just enough fish flavor to remind you that you were enjoying a quality plate of fish.

Chris reported the slaw had an unusual flavor; I'm not so certain he enjoyed it.

By 7:00, our meals were complete, and we asked for the check. The price was more than reasonable; the monster plate of bluegill rang-in at $16.95; the perch $15.95. Quite fair, given the huge portions and the complete quality.

RP Adler's = WIN

Food = 4.25 stars
Value = 4 stars
Service = 4 stars
MISC = 3 stars (I like the bar area, but the dining room leaves much to be desired)

I really need to get out and revisit some of the original top-10 places on our list... I believe RP just stole the #10 slot from the Draft House...

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